3 Mar 2012

Body Contour Surgery- How Much is Too Much

Whether a mommy make-over or full rehab for a major weight-loss patient, body contour surgery is the most powerful tool for removing or lifting excess skin and fat on the abdomen (abdominoplaty/tummy tuck), breasts (breast lift/mastopexy), thighs (thigh lift), arms(arm lift/brachioplasty) and back/buttocks. Many consultations in our practice are focused on how much surgery to do in one operation. Some procedures go together very well, like liposuction hips with a tummy tuck, or tummy tuck and breast lift together. Advantages of combination procedures include:
1. single recovery period
2. lower cost- if procedures are compatible, once you are in the operating room it is cheaper to keep operating than to make a second trip
3. immediate gratification
There is no simple answer to how much is too much surgery at one time, but to optimize safety and provide an acceptable recovery experience we consider your overall health, the cosmetic goals, the volume of tissue involved, the amount surgery of time, your willingness to accept overnight stay or hospital surgery, and whether procedures are compatible. Inner (medial) thigh lift in particular can be difficult to care for after surgery and is prone to infection, so we don’t like to combine it with other procedures. Getting comfortable after an operation on your back and front is going to be tougher on you than separate procedures, and so your toughness/determination is also a factor we consider.

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Michael Kreidstein, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)

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  • Posted on Jul 1 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    You are having trouble ‘Googling’ as I believe you are seeking a corset abdominoplasty. This is not a commonly used term, but clearly references a tightening of the abdominal fascia to create a corset-type effect. We do offer this surgery- please give us a call.

  • Posted on Jun 16 2014 By Erational

    Does your practice do corset truckplasty surgeries? If not, do you know of any surgeons in the Toronto area currently performing this procedure? (Googling has turned up nothing.)

  • Posted on Mar 5 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Billie,
    It is very (very!) unlikely that this is a valid concern, although there may be important details that you haven’t provided. A consultation would be necessary to sort this out for you.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2012 By Billie

    7 years ago I lost 170 lbs, and then had a thigh lift, arm lift and buttocks lift. I decided to hold off on my stomach until after I had children. This was the plan I had with my original plastic surgeon. I thought I would see if OHIP would cover to have my stomach since it hangs below my pubic area. My GP set up consultation with a different plastic surgeon. This plastic surgeon said my stomach would be covered by OHIP, but REFUSED to do the surgery because I had my thighs and buttocks done. He was concerned having the stomach done would reduce the amount of blood flood to the pubic area, and cause the skin to die. I would never of have had the other procedures done if I knew there was a risk of this happening. I am very confused and upset this possibility, and was wondering is there a chance of this happening. What is your experience with this occurring?

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