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Scrotopexy (Scrotum Lift) in Toronto

What is a Scrotum Lift?

This is an operation designed to reduce excess scrotal skin (and fascia) that arise due to age, family trait or weight-loss.

Who is a good candidate?

Our operation is designed for men with functional (and cosmetic) concerns caused by loose scrotal skin and low lying testicles. This condition can make many physical activities uncomfortable, and can be embarrassing cosmetically.
Scrotoplasty performed to pursue gender reassignment is a specialized procedure not part of our practice.

If varicocele or hydroceles are contributing to an enlarged scrotum they will require the expertise of a Urologist to assist either before scrotal lift or during the surgery.

Consultation essentials

It is important to bring your complete medical and surgical history to the consultation, especially if it involves your health below the waist.

Alternatives to Scrotal Lift

Many men can manage their problem with well-fitted briefs (not boxer shorts), but if this isn’t an adequate solution for you, a scrotum lift is a good option.

Costs of Scrotal Lift in Toronto

Fees for scrotum lift at our Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery office (including facility and anesthetist) range from $4000 to $8000, depending on the extent of surgery that is necessary.

Preparation for surgery

We need you to be healthy and at a stable weight before surgery. We will provide written instructions on all necessary steps, supplies to obtain, etc. Scrotal lift dressings are easy to apply by yourself.Loose sweat pants are ideal post-operative clothing, and disposable adult diapers are useful in the days following surgery.

The Operation

Although possible under local anesthetic, this operation is best done with full general anesthetic to optimize comfort and safety. The skin and fascia (tough tissue under the skin) are removed on either side of the mid-line of the scrotum, and if necessary to complete the lift the excision is extended as a ‘Y’ around the base of the penis. Absorbable sutures are used to complete the multi-layer closure- there is no need to have sutures removed after surgery.

Safety and Risks

Bleeding is a concern after scrotal lift, so exertion should be limited (no exercise or heavy lifting) for 10 days following surgery.

Recovery process

Dressings are as simple as pads and antibiotic cream secured by a disposable diaper. Within a week of surgery you can wear normal underwear, and exercise is reasonable at two weeks after surgery. Full activities (including intercourse) at 6 weeks would be typical, but some patients are active sooner. Scrotal lift is not a painful procedure, and no impairment of penile sensation is associated with this procedure.


You can expect to see positive effects from your surgery immediately post-op, but a final cosmetic result may not be evident until a year after surgery, once scar redness has fully settled. Scrotal lift is one of our most rewarding surgical procedures if done for both functional as well as cosmetic purposes.

Bottom Line

We believe we offer the best scrotal lift surgery results in Toronto. Come in for a consultation, and you will leave wiser, and perhaps scheduled for a rewarding transformation.

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sahand davari
sahand davari
Amazing experience. The doctor and staff were readily available at a moment's notice and always willing to answer any questions day or night. Everything went smooth from start to finish, and I would proudly recommend Dr Kreidstein to a friend.
K yaldo
K yaldo
It's been 8 months since I did my gynecomastia surgery here and the results are amazing. Dr. Kreidstein treated post op scar tissue and made sure I was happy with the results, and honestly you can't even tell there has been in incision around the areola.
Christine Jehlickova
Christine Jehlickova
Dr Kreidstein stepped up and helped my son. He was amazing at giving us confidence we were making the best decisions and the results have been life changing.
Anne Wright
Anne Wright
I had a very positive experience with Dr Kreidstein and his staff. The results were exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with Dr Kreidstein’s work and would willingly recommend him to others.
Ashley M
Ashley M
Love , love , love my results- Dr Kreidstein and his staff are terrific . His gifted hands ,eyes of an artist , skill , calm and experience is unmatched. It’s all about u from the moment u see him . He listens and ensures you get what u want . Your happiness makes him happy . I would recommend Dr Kreidstein 💯.
Jane D
Jane D
Intelligent, compassionate, professional, conscientious and creative are all words I would use to describe Dr. Michael Kreidstein. This surgeon has extensive experience and it is very evident. Recently, I underwent a breast lift/reduction and abdominoplasty with fascial plication. Each team member at this clinic go above and beyond to ensure that every patient has a great experience. I was very nervous the day of my surgery but after meeting with the surgical team I felt more relaxed and knew I was in good hands. After I woke up from surgery, I had the most lovely, young RN looking after me in recovery. I could not have had a better surgical experience. I am now three weeks post op and I can honestly say that the results of my surgery have exceeded my expectations. Plastic Surgery is not just a science, it is an art too. Dr. Kreidstein has a very good sense of what is aesthetically pleasing and is able to work his magic on his canvas, the patient. The team at this clinic are committed to excellence. I would highly recommend this surgeon to anyone.
Tom Murray
Tom Murray
Dr Kreidstein and his staff were polite, professional and fully attentive to my needs from Day 1. I was tentative about cosmetic surgery (and getting umbilical hernias fixed as well). This doctor's caring and thorough approach made me feel relaxed and confident that he was the best person for the job. Everything gets done in his own 'in-house' clinic, so organization, familiarity and reasonable work is all a given. I completely recommend Michael Kreidstein to anybody in need of surgery.
John Uselton
John Uselton
Dr. Michael Kreidstein is a plastic surgeon extraordinaire! His expertise and meticulous approach left me in awe of the results. Such an ultimate choice for natural and stunning transformations.
Livia Mattacchione
Livia Mattacchione
Dr. Kreidstein was able to allay all my concerns of the abdominoplasty procedure I needed. I had thought about it for many years, postponing it because of life and living. I felt I could live with the old scars and some discomfort that evolved over time. It was not an easy decision for me. Once meeting with Dr. Kreidstein, he asked me the questions I needed to answer not only to him but for myself. He answered all my questions, and he thoroughly discussed the procedure. I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Kreidstein and his team, and staff. I will say Thank You to all of you, though the words will never express the relief and satisfaction I feel of having followed through the with procedure. Thank You, Dr. Kreidstein, Team, Staff :)
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