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Body Plastic Surgery Procedures

Body Contour Surgery

Loose skin and sub-optimal body shape can be a consequence of genetics, weight loss or ageing. Body contour problems are a cosmetic problem, and for some a health problem. Proper diet and exercise are essential to good health, but are only part of the answer to achieving an optimal body contour…

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Liposuction is surgery in which a thin tube is selectively placed by the surgeon in areas of excess fat while suction is applied, resulting in the removal of fat cells and a permanent improvement in your body shape. It is not a weight control technique, but rather a tool…

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Liposculpture & Fat Grafting

With apologies, we have included the title “Liposculpture???, but only because it is a popular search term. It’s really just a marketing term, used to imply that a “liposculpture??? surgeon performs a form of elite liposuction. By that standard, every patient we treat is getting Liposculpture…

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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


Also known as tummy tuck surgery, abdominoplasty is a general term for procedures designed to tone and reshape the abdominal wall. Whether you have lost massive weight, or are simply tired of wearing ‘mom’ jeans after…

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Buttock and Calf Augmentation

A more shapelyderrière (a.k.a. bottom, rump, tush, backside etc.) is an important goal for many patients, and the approach we recommend depends on whether sagging, volume, or quick recovery are the biggest priorities. In major weight-loss patients we use local tissue (flaps) to achieve…

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Body Lifts (Thigh & Buttock)

Body Lift is not a very descriptive or accurate term, but it is used to describe plastic surgery that lifts and volumizes sagging thigh (thigh lift) and sagging/deflated buttock tissues (Buttock Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift).Body lifts are used most often to manage cutis pleonasmus, the loose tissues that remain after major weight-loss…

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Arm Lift

Loose skin can arise in the arm through weight loss or ageing. Arm lift (Brachioplasty) is the operation in loose arm skin is excised.As with all dermolipectomy procedures, the art is in hiding the scar effectively while obtaining a careful balance of tension to achieve optimal cosmesis…

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