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Hand Rejuvenation Surgery

Treating an aging face or neck may be more popular, but the hand is a powerful tool of communication, and because of its exposure to the elements it may appear prematurely aged. Hands are often damaged by the sun, revealed as wrinkles and age spots. Fatty tissue is lost on the back of the hands, creating a bony, skeletal appearance. Even the veins may become prominent and unattractive. We recommend several treatments for these problems. Chemical peels are offered to achieve tighter skin and more uniform skin pigmentation. We do not recommend sclerotherapy of veins, as this may compromise future access for intravenous therapy. We have found fat grafting by injection an effective means for replacing fat loss and obscuring prominent veins and bony detail. Rhytidectomy, the excision of excess skin to correct for skin laxity, can provide dramatic improvements in hand cosmesis. Hand rejuvenation procedures like those listed above usually take place under local anesthesia with recovery times dependent on the extent and combinations of procedures undertaken.

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