Cosmetic And Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
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Facial Feature Enhancement Surgery

Whether you seek a dramatic change in your appearance, or just a subtle improvement, it is vital that your advice and treatment come from a surgeon with artistic flair who can offer a full spectrum of treatment options. Understanding your goals is also essential, and thus your consultation with  Dr. Kreidstein may include use of photo ‘morphing’ software to determine what ‘look’ is best for you. Beauty is about balance, and you may be surprised to discover that you only need a minor procedure to create a harmonious look that is right for you.

Options include the ‘traditional’ procedures:

We also offer a variety of lesser-known but highly-effective procedures, including:

    • Buccal fat excision (for chubby cheeks)
    • Lip lengthening and shortening (to adjust the height of white lip between nose and red lip)
    • Canthoplasty to change eyelid shape
    • Muscle surgery to diminish frown lines around the eyes, brow and mouth

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