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6 May 2012

Cohesive Gel Breast Implants – Are they all the same?

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At the recent Toronto Aesthetic meeting, the topic of smooth versus textured cohesive gel breast implants came up for discussion. The differences between Mentor and Allergan textured implants was also debated. Studies have not consistently demonstrated the superiority of one implant over another, in part because these implants have properties that allow one implant to be better in some situations, and another implant in others.  Despite the absence of good studies, our experience and that of other top Toronto breast augmentation surgeons has been that texturing does not make a big difference in the development of capsular contracture.  Texturing does allow the use of shaped (anatomic) implants, as a smooth surface…

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21 Mar 2012

A New Wrinkle for Botox: Treating Depression

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We have long been impressed by the enthusiasm some patients have for botox injections, despite the modest (by surgical standards) cosmetic effect of the treatment. A recent study of the effect of Botox injections into the ‘frown muscles’ of patients with Chronic Depression indicates a powerful improvement in the symptoms of depression. If it is true that smiling makes you feel happy, perhaps not frowning makes you feel less sad!

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27 Sep 2008

New techniques get low approval ratings

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Non-surgical techniques are so appealing in concept, but results continue to disappoint patients. Patient surveys posted on Realself.com have revealed unfavourable results for Thermage, Mesotherapy/Liposdissolve, and especially Velasmooth. Surgical procedures that are often performed by doctors with minimal training (e.g. Lifestyle lift, and liposuction), also get predictably low ratings.  If it seems too good to be true……….

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