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Body Lifts (Thigh & Buttock)

Body Lift is not a very descriptive or accurate term, but it is used to describe plastic surgery that lifts and volumizes sagging thigh (thigh lift) and sagging/deflated buttock tissues (Buttock Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift).  Body lifts are used most often to manage cutis pleonasmus, the loose tissues that remain after major weight-loss. This surgery can transform lives as it has both functional and cosmetic rewards. Excision of excess skin and fat and repositioning the remaining tissues allows our patients to enjoy more freedom of movement, improved hygiene, and provides spectacular cosmetic rewards. This can involve the inner thighs (medial thigh lift), or can be designed as a posterior extension of an abdominoplasty to lift the outer (lateral) thighs and buttocks. We also offer the infragluteal buttock lift/augmentation with scars limited to within the infragluteal crease.

Body Lift procedure

Most procedures are performed as outpatients. For many patients, a treatment plan involving multiple procedures is necessary. Our goal is to provide safe surgery and beautiful results, but we also understand the importance of efficient procedures that minimize the direct costs of surgery, as well as the indirect costs arising from time off work etc. A typical order of procedures is 1. Circumferential (belt) dermolipectomy/lower body lift 2. Breast lift and Brachioplasty 3. Medial thigh lift 4. Lower face and neck lift, but this order can be modified to fit individual needs.

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