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15 May 2024
The vectra, bio-dimensional, no-touch, 24-hour recovery, bloodless, scarless breast augmentation!

The Vectra, Bio-Dimensional, No-Touch, 24-Hour Recovery, Bloodless, Scarless Breast Augmentation!

A Plastic Surgeon trying to stand out from the crowd may use exotic terminology (see below) in their marketing to appear ‘special’. If you are a patient just trying to get honest advice and a great result from breast augmentation surgery, avoid surgeons who attempt this deception.

Vectra Breast Augmentation: a device that provides a 3D simulation of what your breasts will look like with different sized implants. Is it accurate? The studies say no: “Our results underline the superiority of clinical judgement to simulation programs when establishing a reliable surgical plan” Aesthetic Surgery Journal February 20, 2024.

Bio-dimensional Breast Augmentation: A fancy way of saying ‘taking some measurements to help choose a breast implant’. Every surgeon considers things like breast width, skin thickness and laxity, nipple position, fold height etc. in helping you to choose an implant. Some surgeons are better than others at getting it right.

No-touch Breast Augmentation: Breast ducts and glands contain bacteria, and these are concentrated behind the areola. If an areolar incision is used, special measures should be taken to minimize contamination of the implant, including the use of a Keller funnel to shield the implant while it is being inserted. “No-touch” is clearly not an accurate term, and insertion via the fold under the breast spares the implant from exposure to duct bacteria anyway.

24-hour Recovery Breast Augmentation: If a patient isn’t feeling pretty good by 24 hours, something is off. Some surgeons keep their patients overnight or leave in drains in case of bleeding. Some wrap the breasts tightly to control bleeding. We have not found any of these measures to be necessary. Perhaps we should call our surgery “3-hour Recovery Breast Augmentation”?

Bloodless Breast Augmentation: Bleeding after surgery can trigger excessive scarring, or in the extreme require emergency surgery. We apply multiple measures before, during, and after surgery to minimize bleeding. But the moment you cut skin, there is some bleeding, so to call your surgery ‘Bloodless’ is a lie.

Scarless Breast Augmentation: another lie. Some areas hide scars better than others (areola, armpit, abdomen), but there is always a scar, and usually a series of other disadvantages from insertion via remote sites.

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