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26 Jan 2013

Why take the risk?

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It is not unusual for patients to present to our practice with problems for which cosmetic surgery is an ideal solution, but they hesitate to proceed with a procedure for fear of the tiny risk of a bad outcome.  Everyone has a different way of approaching risk, but it is vital that you consider the risk of inaction, and not just the risk of action.  The risk of inaction?  Let’s say it’s a face lift you are considering.  Without the face lift, you are judged (unfairly) to be too tired for that promotion at work, your appearance and diminished feelings of attractiveness interfere with your personal relationships, and you become depressed by the…

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20 Jan 2013

Eyelid surgery to feel, look and see better!

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Loose eyelid skin can compromise your vision, cause headaches, and make you look older than your years.  Blepharoplasty (aka eyelid lift) may eliminate your need to raise your brows to keep your lids open. This helps to minimize forehead creases, and eliminate headaches arising from constant contraction of your forehead muscles.  At your consultation, a careful analysis of your forehead function, globe shape and position, eyelid mechanics, and many other factors allow us to make effective recommendations and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

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