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28 Sep 2008

Are all facelifts the same?

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There are few procedures in plastic surgery with more variations than the facelift.  Understanding something about this operation may help you to understand the controversies, and may help you to ask the right questions when you meet with a prospective surgeon. (more…)

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Choosing your Surgeon

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Dr. Kreidstein interviewed on finding a good Plastic Surgeon (Elevate July 08). Click to View Article

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27 Sep 2008

New techniques get low approval ratings

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Non-surgical techniques are so appealing in concept, but results continue to disappoint patients. Patient surveys posted on Realself.com have revealed unfavourable results for Thermage, Mesotherapy/Liposdissolve, and especially Velasmooth. Surgical procedures that are often performed by doctors with minimal training (e.g. Lifestyle lift, and liposuction), also get predictably low ratings.  If it seems too good to be true……….

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