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Other Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto

Labia Reduction (Labiaplasty)

Known also as Labiaplasty, Labioplasty or Labial Reduction, Labia reduction describes the surgical reduction of the labia minora at the entrance of the vagina. Enlarged or elongated labia can be a source of discomfort, limiting physical activity, clothing selection and sexual intercourse. Protuberant labia…

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Hymen Restoration

The Hymen is a crescent of membranous tissue at the entrance to the vagina. The hymen can be perforated by sexual intercourse, tampon use, or other physical activities. For some women, it is important that the hymen is intact prior to marriage, and as a result, hymen restoration has become a popular cosmetic procedure

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Hand Rejuvenation Surgery

Treatment for aging of the neck and face may be more popular, but the hand is a powerful tool of communication, and because of its exposure to the elements it may appear prematurely aged. Hands are often damaged by the sun, revealed as wrinkles and age spots. Fatty tissue is lost on the back of the hands, creating a bony…

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