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Body Contour Surgery

Loose skin and sub-optimal body shape can be a consequence of genetics, weight loss or ageing. Body contour problems are a cosmetic problem, and for some a health problem. Proper diet and exercise are essential to good health, but are only part of the answer to achieving an optimal body contour. Fat cells are genetically programmed to accumulate triglyceride (fat) in distinctive body areas, and no exercise, diet or drug will change this programming. Only by safely and permanently removing these cells can you achieve a permanent change in your proportions.

Skin and fascia, the fibrous tissues that hold the shape of our soft tissues, can lose tone as a result of genetics, weight fluctuations and ageing. Once again, Body Contour Surgery is your only opportunity to modify these tissues and achieve the appearance and function necessary for you to be at your best.

Body Contour Surgical Methods

The important tools of Body Contour Surgery are skin excision, liposuction, fat grafts (liposculpture), implants, progressive tension sutures, and the repair of muscle and fascial defects. But these tools do not create the beautiful results achieved for our patients. They result from careful (and often multiple) consultations regarding the treatment goals. They arise from meticulous attention to balance, tension, proportion, and a thorough understanding of the tissue healing process. They result from attentive care during the post-operative period.

What about ‘non-invasive’ techniques like laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency energy? What about lipolysis/mesotherapy injections that ‘melt’ fat? These methods are primarily of interest to the manufacturers and clinicians who lack the training, experience, credentials and resources to offer you safe and effective surgery.
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