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17 Nov 2009

Liposuction for Breast Reduction

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Liposuction is a very attractive option for breast reduction, primarily because it spares the breast from conspicuous scars. It is most successful when the breasts have a good shape with little ptosis (the areola is not too far below the inframammary fold), the breast tissue is not dense (gland can’t be reduced by liposuction), and the amount of reduction required is not more than one or two cup sizes. Be sure to discuss this option with your plastic surgeon if you are considering breast reduction.

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4 Nov 2009

Costs for Botox injections- Why do some practices charge more?

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The effectiveness of Botox depends on many factors, and you should consider more than the cost of the Botox in choosing a clinician.  Cost per unit of Botox is a good starting point in comparing prices.  $12 per unit may prove cheaper than $8 if the same effect can be produced with a lower dose of units.  A practice that uses Botox frequently will have a fresher stock that may be more effective.  Syringes that are designed to minimize loss can make a big difference, especially in small volume injections.  A GP or dermatologist may never have actually seen the muscle they are trying to inject, whereas a Plastic Surgeon will…

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