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Do your research! Ask around, check the message boards, ask your family doctor, and find a Plastic Surgeon who measures up to your standards. Please look around our website, gather information & questions, and contact us to request further information.

Once you’ve found a surgeon with the proper credentials and abilities, you need to meet with them to confirm they are the right surgeon for you. Patients come to our office looking for the best Plastic Surgeon in Toronto, or the top cosmetic surgeon in Canada. This approach may become frustrating, as there may be several excellent surgeons from which to choose. Instead, seek out a reputable, well-qualified surgeon who listens to you, responds to your concerns, and can confidently recommend a treatment plan that makes good sense. Trust that same inner voice that guides you through the challenges of each day to help you to choose the right surgeon for you.

Our physical appearance is so central to how we identify and measure ourselves and others. Studies have confirmed that the appearance of beauty, youth and vitality is an advantage socially, at work, in virtually every setting. Beautiful results from cosmetic surgery can create for you a world of new possibilities.

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Choosing the right surgeon is the single most important decision in achieving a successful cosmetic surgery outcome. We are delighted that you have chosen to learn more about our practice. Please click on the tabs below to learn more about each service.


The Face of Evil

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Numerous studies have proven that we do ‘judge a book by its cover’, and if your cover (appearance) is flawed, you can expect to be at a disadvantage everywhere from the school playground to the courtroom. Our reconstructive practice includes many patients who must ultimately live with some form of disfigurement, and we are constantly seeking out better ways to alleviate this physical and…

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How to recover from botched Cosmetic Surgery

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Manage your emotions Bad results from cosmetic surgery can trigger emotions that are often counter-productive to your recovery. You might blame yourself and be too ashamed to seek help. You might be angry at your surgeon and unable to face them, or may take out your frustration in ways (e.g. threatening a lawsuit, negative on-line reviews, acting-out in the reception area) that destroy your…

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How to avoid botched Cosmetic Surgery

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  Most cosmetic surgery results in a happy experience and rewarding results, but you can further improve your odds by checking off as many items as possible on the following list: Choose a surgeon who can show you several examples (before and after photos) that are comparable to your needs. A surgeon may have a great reputation for facelifts, but if you are seeking…

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