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Liposculpture, Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting

With apologies, we have included the title “Liposculpture”, but only because it is a popular search term. It’s really just a marketing term, used to imply that a “liposculpture” surgeon performs a form of elite liposuction. By that standard, every patient we treat is getting Liposculpture!

Fat grafting Technique

Fat grafting involves the harvest (removal) of fat from an area of excess, and placing it in a new location that is deficient. This is most often performed with a blunt tube similar to a liposuction cannula. Fat grafting is an important tool though, and can improve depressions left after previous liposuction surgery. We have unfortunately noticed more need for it as other practices adopt power liposuction (e.g. ultrasonic, laser). Fat grafting can also be an effective tool for augmentation in the upper face, the buttocks, and for localized indentations (e.g. post-lumpectomy in the breasts). Fat grafting does not always result in complete ‘take’, but provided fat cells are gently handled, good survival of fat grafts can be anticipated.

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