4 Nov 2009

Costs for Botox injections- Why do some practices charge more?

The effectiveness of Botox depends on many factors, and you should consider more than the cost of the Botox in choosing a clinician.  Cost per unit of Botox is a good starting point in comparing prices.  $12 per unit may prove cheaper than $8 if the same effect can be produced with a lower dose of units.  A practice that uses Botox frequently will have a fresher stock that may be more effective.  Syringes that are designed to minimize loss can make a big difference, especially in small volume injections.  A GP or dermatologist may never have actually seen the muscle they are trying to inject, whereas a Plastic Surgeon will have great experience in locating the muscle during surgery and will have greater success in placing an injection in the right spot.  A second advantage of treatment by a plastic surgeon is that you want your treatment from a clinician who can give an unbiased opinion of whether Botox is the right solution, or perhaps surgery is more appropriate.  It is very difficult for a clinician to give a fair comparison of all the options if he is limited to offering only one of them!

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