21 Mar 2012

A New Wrinkle for Botox: Treating Depression

We have long been impressed by the enthusiasm some patients have for botox injections, despite the modest (by surgical standards) cosmetic effect of the treatment. A recent study of the effect of Botox injections into the ‘frown muscles’ of patients with Chronic Depression indicates a powerful improvement in the symptoms of depression. If it is true that smiling makes you feel happy, perhaps not frowning makes you feel less sad!

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  • Posted on Mar 21 2012 By Penarth Botox Clinics

    Woow..such a good news in botox treatment…It also used for Depression.thank you for providing me this information.this is new for us.

  • Posted on Mar 21 2012 By Botox For Wrinkles Manchester

    Botox tinjection is very beneficial for whom those have this type of problem and want treatment of it.

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