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5 Feb 2012

Facelifts are for patients, not surgeons

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Toronto is home to some of the top plastic surgeons in the world, and the technical skill available for cosmetic surgery patients is world-class. But the preoccupation of many surgeons with how high they can lift a brow or a jowl is preventing these surgeons from appreciating that our patients are seeking to look better, but not different. Particularly with facial rejuvenation surgery, appearing ‘done’ is not a worthy goal. We arent advocating ‘mini-lifts’, as these minimally-invasive procedures don’t maintain their effects over time. Instead, we focus on safe techniques that provide lasting but subtle improvements. Our favourite thing to hear from our patients is that everyone is complementing them…

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28 Nov 2011

Reviews and Choosing a Surgeon

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Social media and message boards give each of us an unlimited opportunity to praise or criticize the people, products and services with which we interact. Unfortunately, this freedom and anonymity brings out the worst in some people. The ability to freely attack one’s business competitors is an overwhelming temptation for some. For others, any imagined slight or disrespect is enough to trigger a multi-pronged libelous vendetta. As you browse through reviews, how do you know what to believe? A skeptical approach to any overly-passionate review is probably wise. People generally don’t get too excited in reviewing a coffee maker, and thus the reviews are likely to be pretty reliable. But…

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16 May 2010

Hymenoplasty without Hypocrisy

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Fewer consultations in our practice are as emotionally charged as the patient seeking hymenoplasty.  Patients seek this procedure for many reasons, but most commonly it is to physically reverse an unwanted sexual encounter, or to enable a marriage which requires virginity as a precondition. Our patients are often surprised to find themselves in a Plastic Surgeon’s office, not associating plastic surgery with a gynecologic procedure.  It so happens that reconstruction of female genitalia, either following cancer surgery (vulvectomy) or in transgender surgery is a common part of plastic surgery training, and repair of a torn hymen is extremely simple relative to these other reconstructive procedures.  An office like ours is…

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