26 Aug 2012

Abdominoplasty vs. Panniculectomy

In Ontario, patients who have abdominal skin that hangs over the groin crease and have a history of bad skin infections or other complications can ask their surgeon to apply for insurance (OHIP) coverage of a panniculectomy (removal of a skin apron). Depending on the severity of the pannus, this can be a life-saving operation, and at minimum will dramatically improve your quality of life. The operation is not intended as a cosmetic procedure, and we are careful to demonstrate at our consultations the limits of a panniculectomy and the benefits of adding an abdominoplasty (cosmetic) to the procedure. An abdominoplasty is much less expensive if a panniculectomy is already covered. On rare occasions, we have no opportunity to perform a cosmetic procedure (if the pannus is too large or infected), and we have to defer the cosmetic procedure to a second operation.

Panniculectomy is performed to manage serious complications from abdominal apron
Panniculectomy is performed to manage serious complications from abdominal apron
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Michael Kreidstein, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)

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  • Posted on Apr 9 2020 By admin

    Best to begin with a referral from your MD for consultation. At consultation we can assess whether you will meet OHIP criteria and whether you will need surgery beyond panniculectomy to have a worthwhile result.

  • Posted on Apr 9 2020 By Sherry Hunter

    Very interested in finding out about this. I’ve suffered with this for a long time. It has affected my self esteem and confidence in myself. I would like to have this done if Ohio will cover the panniculectomy

  • Posted on Jan 13 2020 By admin

    The advantage of a referral from your MD is that your MD can convey valuable information about your medical history, and your consultation will be covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Jan 10 2020 By Liz Wood

    I am interested in a panniculectomy (hopefully covered by ohip) maybe with an additional Abdominoplasty. Do I need to go through my family doctor for this or can I go straight to you for a consult?

  • Posted on Sep 15 2019 By admin

    OHIP panniculectomy may be an option for you. Begin by getting a referral letter from your MD/NP, and at consultation we can discuss the application process and limits of panniculectomy.

  • Posted on Sep 8 2019 By natashia mair

    I have a apron that has been sore and red for many years now. Sometimes with a foul smell under the flap depending on the season. Would I be a candidate for a panniculectomy covered by OHIP?

  • Posted on Feb 27 2019 By admin

    We would be happy to assist. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral (416-391-3031)

  • Posted on Feb 26 2019 By J Z Barr-Norman

    I had bariatric surgery aprox. (?) 8 yrs ago. I am almost @ my goal weight. I’ve worked very hard for the past 10 yrs. to improve my over all health (successfully) , kept the weight off , now I want my “middle” removed. I’m have an “apple” shape. I have medicare & medicaid. This is NOT a vanity fix , I just want my clothes to fit properly, and not have open ulcers/infections. I perspire a lot & have a high mineral content in my body. Can you help me ? Thanx , Jolae Norman

  • Posted on Feb 27 2019 By admin

    If you have a referral letter from your MD, there is no consultation fee.

  • Posted on Nov 11 2018 By Nooshy

    Does Dr Kreidstein perform
    Panniculectomy surgery and if yes is there a consultation fee?A

  • Posted on Oct 15 2018 By admin

    You do seem to meet criteria for OHIP panniculectomy. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral and we will take it from there.

  • Posted on Oct 11 2018 By Kellie DeMarsh

    I went from 225lbs to 165lbs with gastric bypass I have an apron that covers my pubic area i have maintained this weight for 3 yrs. I frequently get scalded under my apron and always a deep red would i possibly qualify through ohip for a Panniculectomy

  • Posted on Apr 4 2018 By admin

    Please ask your MD for a referral to our practice. Look forward to meeting with you!

  • Posted on Apr 4 2018 By Milica Simic

    Interested in a panniculectomy

  • Posted on Mar 22 2018 By admin

    Back pain is not a criteria for OHIP panniculectomy, but that doesn’t mean that it is pointless to apply. Please arrange for a referral to us from your MD, and please include ask that serious symptoms be noted in the referral.

  • Posted on Mar 21 2018 By Dianne Brunet

    I was wondering if I would be a candidate covered by OHIP to get a tummy tuck , or some procedure that would take some of my excess skin, fat and skin as a result of having twins 21 years ago. I’m not looking to get the procedure to look better. I had a workplace accident that has rendered me disabled, the 4 lumbar surgeries didn’t help, so I’m in constant chronic lower back pain. Do you think by taking some of the weight off my lower abdomen could take some of the pressure off the lower back since I won’t have as much weight in the front. Please advise me if I would be a potential candidate for Ohip coverage and would a procedure help ?

  • Posted on Feb 27 2018 By admin

    Ask your local MD if you are a candidate, and ask for a referral to be sent to us. At your consultation, we will review with you the criteria for OHIP panniculectomy and the limits of this procedure. If you are are keen to proceed we send an application to OHIP and they decide whether you meet their criteria.

  • Posted on Feb 27 2018 By Fiona Docherty

    Who determines if I can have this procedure done?

  • Posted on Feb 6 2018 By admin

    It is well established that repair of rectus diastasis can relieve back pain. You owe yourself a consultation to determine whether some (or all) of your procedure would be covered by OHIP. Please arrange for a referral to us from your family doctor or other clinician.

  • Posted on Feb 6 2018 By Joanna

    I have had 4 pregnancies; 3 within the last 5 years. With my third I got an umbilical hérnia, to which I’m scheduled to see a general surgeon in March. After my 4th( who happened to be an emergency c-section, others were vaginal) I have a pannus which hangs over my scar. I have worked out and lost the baby weight after each pregnancy to which I gained 40-50 lbs each. I am at my ideal weight but am so self conscious about my stomach area. I don’t like looking in the mirror let alone allowing my husband or children to see. I have a mummy tummy and do not feel as strong as I used to be. Lifting my 8 month old puts a painful strain on my Back. I would like to continue working out but am limited as my core is so weak. I understand panneculectomy does not include muscle repair but am wondering if I might be a candidate for Ohip coverage for this procedure. Where do I begin with this process. Thank you for you time.

  • Posted on Jun 16 2017 By admin

    We wrote a post recently on how to manage ‘botch’. Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to move forward from a sad experience.

  • Posted on Jun 16 2017 By Michelle

    So I had some work done on me a couple yrs back and I paid out my butt to have this work done. I was having a mommy makeover with breast implants and an arm lift. Well I only ended up with the pannis done and not a fully tummy tuck, my arms look like crap (he didn’t leave staples in long enough 1 week) my boobs oh my goodness he was supposed to lift them as well as the implants He used a marker freehanding it to do the circle over the ariola so now my ariolas are messed up and I have one nipple that’s always in pain. He free handed my arms so the scars are wonky 😔 and from the staples not being left in long enough the skin started separating within days. Oh and the 800cc implants that we paid for he didn’t put in and only put in 700cc. I don’t know what to do. My surgery costed about $40,000 I’m so angry all the time

  • Posted on Jun 16 2017 By admin

    Surgery is only one part of your road to recovery, but it will be important. Please arrange for your MD to send us a referral.

  • Posted on Jun 6 2017 By Jordan

    Hi there, I’m going through a tough time with body issues and depression because of it. I was diagnosed with an over active thyroid 2 years ago when I was 21, I weighed 290lbs at that time and I was happy because I could atleast tell myself I did this. I’m now turning 24 and I now weigh 150lbs, yes I’m still a little happy but in then end all this extra skin makes me insecure and not want to do any extra activities like swimming or anything , it makes me unhappy that I can’t go out and meet people or get in a relationship due to the fact of my appearance PLEASE HELP ME!

  • Posted on Jun 4 2017 By admin

    It certainly sounds like you would benefit from surgery. Ohip coverage is very limited (apron part of abdominal wall), but a referral from your MD will provide an OHIP covered consultation and you can learn about your options.

  • Posted on Jun 3 2017 By Cindy Closs

    I m 60 years old has gastric bypass surgery in 2009 lost 170 lbs and kept it off since but I have lots of loose skin under belly itchy smelly rashes under the flap in the inner thighs loose skin flappy biceps could I possibly be a candidate or no for OHIP

  • Posted on Apr 16 2017 By admin

    Hi Shannon,
    Congratulations on the weight-loss. You will need an in-person consultation to confirm coverage- we hope to hear from you!

  • Posted on Apr 7 2017 By Shannon

    Hi, I’ve lost over 100lbs naturally through diet and excersise. I have had 2 c-sections incisions both ways vertically and horizontally I have a major amount of hanging skin. Would ohip cover that?

  • Posted on Mar 23 2017 By admin

    OHIP coverage of some or all of your surgery would be determined at your consultation. Please arrange for a referral from your MD.

  • Posted on Mar 23 2017 By Holly

    I had two children long 28 years ago and im 48 years old and I have been trying everything to get rid of the extra skin and would like to get something done to get removed. I would like it removed because I have arthritis in my hip joints and a bad back and have pain everyday with that hanging down it hurts my back and hips. So I thou if that was removed I wouldn’t have as much pain. I tried push ups but it hurts my back and hips so I go on the treadmill it only helps my legs. Is there anyway to have something done with ohip coverage. I’m low income and working on getting a disability. Could u please help me. Thanks for your time

  • Posted on Feb 28 2017 By admin

    Hi Amanda,
    If you want to avoid the discussion with your MD, you can arrange to see us directly. At consultation, we will discuss whether you are a candidate for OHIP coverage. It does sound like you will entail some cost for an abdominoplasty (skin above the belly button would not be improved by panniculectomy). We look forward to your call!

  • Posted on Feb 27 2017 By Amanda

    I have lost weight and my weight has been stable for a year. On top of the weight loss I have had breast reconstruction with 5 surgeries using fat grafting where my abdomen was a donor site. As a result my tummy hangs over my csection scar and i now have the second tummy that hangs over my belly button. My breasts are finally finished but I still cant get naked in front of my husband because it is like we sacrificed one body part for another. My abdomen is gross. Can I get a panni covered by ohip? I have not discussed this with my GO, it is just too embarrassing to discuss with a male family doctor. And I fear he will just think I am being peddy and should appreciate having breasts again

  • Posted on Feb 25 2017 By admin

    Hi Sophie,
    We would need to assess whether you are still a keloid former, the nature of your symptoms, the extent of your panniculus, etc. Please ask your MD for a referral.
    Best wishes
    Dr. Kreidstein

  • Posted on Feb 21 2017 By Sophie Feral

    Dear Dr.

    I am a keloid healer and have had one pregnancy which was a c-section. I have been left for 20 years with the extra abdominal skin scarred by keloids which of course impacted my pregnancy causing infections in the crease above the pubis beneath the extra skin. I also get infections in my navel since the pregnancy. Thats a long time. I was only heavy while pregnant and have been a size 10-12 since. I only recently became aware that ohip covers the destruction caused by keloids. This coverage accompanied by Ohips potential coverage of a Panniculectomy has given me some hope for changes. Can you tell me anything about these health issues and ohip coverage possibilities? I would appreciate it!


  • Posted on Feb 18 2017 By admin

    Hi Cath,
    Lymphoma would generally be a contraindication to surgery. Perhaps he has ‘lymphedema’, a very different problem. You can arrange a referral from your MD and get advice only available at a consultation.

  • Posted on Jan 30 2017 By Cath

    Good morning,
    My husband is 475 pounds and have huge panus sagging below sagging below the knee. He has difficulty urinating , walking and the sagging mass is preventing him from daily living functions. He has infections and lymphoma. The sagging mass is preventing him from loosing weight. Is there a way to have the surgery now and how long he needs to wait.

  • Posted on Dec 18 2016 By admin

    There are a combination of symptoms and anatomic features that will be considered when an application is submitted to OHIP. Also, the OHIP procedure would only cover the pubic area, so you might need to consider paying for an abdominoplasty. These issues would be covered in detail at your consultation.

  • Posted on Dec 18 2016 By Anna

    I am 35 and prior to having my children I lost 99 pounds. After having my children I am still down 80 pounds. After an emergency c section I know have 2 flaps . One over hangs the belly line and one overhangs my public area . At times there is some rash that I apply over the counter cream for also I have lower back pain. My question is how do I know if it overhangs far enough for Ohio to consider this ?

    Thank you

  • Posted on Nov 30 2016 By admin

    You sound like an excellent candidate for surgery. OHIP coverage of a panniculectomy may be an option, but we would need to see you in consultation to determine if you meet OHIP criteria and whether the OHIP procedure would be worthwhile for you. You should arrange for a referral note to be sent by your MD.

  • Posted on Nov 29 2016 By Nancy

    Hello Dr. Kreidstein
    I have 2 children 18 and 17. Had my son at 20 and had many complications during my pregnancy I went from 120lbs to 260lbs which was an emergency c-section then a year and a half later at 21 had my 2nd child also a c-section. I have lost a significant amount of weight have maybe 20lbs left to lose but I have so much loose skin on my belly. Do I qualify for a OHIP skin removal procedure? Desperate 38 year old mom seeking help!!!

  • Posted on Nov 26 2016 By admin

    Hi Ana,
    Please call us (416-391-4452) Monday and we can get to work!

  • Posted on Nov 21 2016 By Ana Carvalho

    I would like to get assesed for this surgery as my tummu apron causes alot of discumfort and rashes…..

  • Posted on Oct 21 2016 By admin

    You sound like a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck- please give us a call!

  • Posted on Oct 17 2016 By Melissa Williams

    Hi I have had two c sections an used to have such a nice body that I was confident in since having c section I have loose skin apron and its made me very insecure I would love to get this done .

  • Posted on Oct 3 2016 By kreidstein-user

    A common discussion in my practice is the limits of OHIP surgery. OHIP panniculectomy (alone) almost always will look ‘botched’ because an operation that only removes the apron will always look bad and may be predisposed to deterioration over time. A second problem that arises after OHIP panniculectomy is that the fee for revision after the panniculectomy is not ‘subsidized’ by the OHIP procedure, and you are now facing the costs of a full abdominoplasty.
    We do perform surgery for ‘hidden penis’, performed at the time of an abdominoplasty. Please arrange a referral from your MD, as your consultation to address symptoms you describe would be covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Oct 2 2016 By Mitchell

    Hi Dr. Kreidstein,
    I had a panniculectomy performed about 5 years ago to rid myself of the pannis that has embarrassed me for years. The operation went well, no complications except for long scar across my abdomen that went from love handle to love handle which is a whole other issue. Anyway, it improved the look of my stomach but because of lymph nodes it could only be tucked up so much. So, I start to gain a little weight and guess where it all decides to go? Right to my pannis area. Which now looks worse than before the operation, I now have to clean it a few times a day to avoid the odour it produces, making sure that the stretch marks are not bleeding none of which I had to do before the operation. Worse is the fact that my penis looks like it’s retreating inside my body.
    This is not the first time something like this has happened. When I was 22 I had breast tissue removed from my chest area. The surgeon did a bad job of it, it looked odd and I lost all feeling in my nipples. It took me ten years to get up the nerve to see another plastic surgeon to see what could be done. This time the new surgeon removed more breast tissue, made my nipples smaller and I got the feeling back in them as well as little to no scaring … I finally looked normal. Now here I am again with another botched job and I really don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?
    (All the operation I mentioned were approved and covered by OHIP)

  • Posted on Sep 20 2016 By Dee

    I too have lost a lot of weight. My stomach does cover my groin area. I have chronic lower back problems. I also have problems with rashes and odors. I do not have much for documentation of the rashes as I’m too embarrassed about it. Would I qualify for OHIP
    Thank you

  • Posted on Sep 20 2016 By bev guy

    if I can get referral how much is consult appointment

  • Posted on Sep 19 2016 By bev guy

    is the initial consult covered

  • Posted on Sep 19 2016 By kreidstein-user

    We do need a referral from your MD. Is there a reason your MD does not believe you are (yet) a good candidate for body contour surgery?

  • Posted on Sep 18 2016 By bev guy

    I want to find out more about getting a panniculectomy done and getting it covered by ohip > I have a big overhang left from a previous surgery yrs ago and now I get rashes , everything I try to wear rolls underneath it .it also plays on my back really bad making my life miserable. walking sitting standing all get irritated > my doc is reluctant on finding me someone. I googled you> Please get back to me and see if we could meet>
    bev guy

  • Posted on Sep 5 2016 By kreidstein-user

    You would need to be seen to get an accurate diagnosis, but it is possible you have a yeast infection. This can be treated with anti-fungal cream or with silver/fabric like Interdry if there is a fold.

  • Posted on Sep 5 2016 By maryanne


  • Posted on Aug 17 2016 By kreidstein-user

    Hi Vicky,
    Please ask your MD to fax a referral letter and we will take it from there.

  • Posted on Aug 15 2016 By Vicky

    I’m inquiring about this procedure. I’ve had 4 kids and 3 have been c-sections. This last time around has left me with an apron or sag. It’s really uncomfortable and I haven’t been able to heal properly from my c-section because of it. How do I come about getting this done? Where do I start?

  • Posted on Aug 12 2016 By kreidstein-user

    Hi Jennifer,
    Ask your MD to refer you for consultation and we will help with the rest.

  • Posted on Aug 12 2016 By Jennifer

    I’m a mother of 7 kids & have a large lower tummy that hangs down just passed my privates I sweat a lot there and sometimes there is a bad smell or small rash my family Dr just keeps telling me to exercise but that’s not helping how do I find out if ohip covers me to have this.removed? Thank you

  • Posted on Jun 20 2016 By kreidstein-user

    Panniculectomy alone is like 1/2 an operation, and it would be very unusual for someone to pay for just a panniculectomy. We do see patients who have just had an OHIP covered panniculectomy and now regret not also doing the tummy tuck. It is now MORE expensive to do the abdominoplasty than if it had been done previously in tandem with the panniculectomy.

  • Posted on Jun 17 2016 By Nilda

    How much does it cost for a panniliectomy iffff my insurance doesn’t cover it .how much is a tummy tuck following the panniliectomy

  • Posted on Jun 10 2016 By kreidstein-user

    Hi Kristen,
    The best way to find out is at a consultation. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral.

  • Posted on Jun 10 2016 By Kristen

    Hello. I have had 3 c-sections and I have a constant struggle with my c-section scar getting so sore and irritated by my tummy that hangs over my scar. I was wondering if Ohip might cover this surgery to fix this problem.

  • Posted on Jan 13 2016 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Dee,
    Yes we are still doing this surgery (several times a week!). OHIP coverage is likely from your description. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral.

  • Posted on Jan 13 2016 By Dee

    I’m wondering are you still doing this surgery and does OHIP still cover it. I have lost 92lbs. My pannus does cover my pubic region I have had chronic back issues for over 20 yrs. Also rashes and have an umbilica hernia

  • Posted on Jun 16 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Sue,
    I have little doubt we could successfully apply for coverage of your panniculectomy. Please call us to arrange a visit.

  • Posted on Jun 16 2015 By Sue Patterson

    I am 56 years old and had gastric banding several years ago. I have lost over 200 lbs and am still losing albeit slowly. I exercise regularly with a group of friends and feel pretty good. I am a Type 2 diabetic partially as a result of my obesity. The apron you speak of on me if extremely saggy so much so that when i walk the hanging skin hangs overtop of my legs, almost down to my knees which causes rashes, itching and burning as a result of the friction not to mention rashes under my belly. I am wondering if OHIP might cogver some of this.

  • Posted on Apr 11 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Without considering the specifics of your medical condition, OHIP does allow for application based on any medical grounds.

  • Posted on Apr 11 2015 By Elle

    Is there any way to get the panniculectomy covered by OHIP if you have OTHEr medical conditions? I have a cystocele that needs repairing but they want me to try losing weight, However that is very difficult due to pain from it, Not being able to lift anything heavy and then have a SI joint dysfunction which also exasperbates the pain, and makes working out harder for me as the muscles i need to work out are my core muscles which i cant even do many exercises because my stomach literally gets in the way of working out/bending over, down, stretching and its making my cystocele more painful and was told to hvae the least amount of pressure on my abdomen as possible. yes i need to lose weight but no matter how much weight I lose It NEVER goes from my low abdomen. I have had two children and it has made the excess skin, and fat there worst. Its also made my low back pain very bad and makes my SI joint dysfunction much worst. I am wondering if these would even help me qualify for OHIP? I am willing to do the exercises but its hard to work your core when you cant get too it because of the fat and it limits your mobility, movement, stretching ect….. And Im tired of the pain…

  • Posted on Mar 24 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Our first step is to hold a consultation. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral. We will counsel you on possible OHIP coverage.

  • Posted on Mar 24 2015 By jodi


    I would love to get a tummy tuck, but was wondering how you get OHIP to pay for this. I had two c-section as both my girls were big babies. One was 10lbs,10ozs and the other 9lbs, 1oz. I was very huge at both my pregnancies as I carried all my baby weight in my stomach. Now my stomack hangs over and it is just not nice looking. I have tried excerising to lost it and as I lose weight the excess skin just stays put. How do I go about getting this fixed.

  • Posted on Mar 19 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    You certainly sound like a good candidate- we will confirm for you at your consultation. Please ask your MD to arrange a referral.

  • Posted on Mar 19 2015 By misty

    Hi. I have Degenerative Disc disease, Pinched Sciatica and Stenosis in
    my lower back. I Have lots over 100 pounds these past 2 years and The
    tummy skin is super heavy , it also gets infected and hurts my back and
    posture. Do you think I could get coverage under OHIP for a

  • Posted on Jan 11 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Stefania,
    Although the criteria for OHIP panniculectomy are rigid, we may still have a successful application if we provide good evidence of your skin infections. Please see us once you have lost your pregnancy weight, and bring a letter from your MD or photos of your skin infection. We will do our best to get you coverage.
    We do no recommend (or offer) abdominal surgery in the setting of c-section or hysterectomy.

  • Posted on Jan 1 2015 By Stefania

    I am Type 1 diabetic. I am pregnant with my 4th child. The first 3 pregnancies were HUGE. I gained and lost 80+ pounds with the last one (despite good blood sugar control and running regularly, up to 13 km throughout my first trimester). I measured 15 weeks BIGGER – like I was carrying triplets, despite only carrying one child.
    My pannus does not hang past my pubic bone, however, post c-sections, I have had my recovery time prolonged as the incision has become infected due to the overhang of skin. I had to lift up the skin and blow dry it, in order to help the incision area to dry. I also had a couple of infections that required antibiotics. Nevertheless, after they finally healed, I haven’t had further antibiotic treatment needed.
    I am only 5 weeks pregnant. I really hope that when I deliver this last and final time that extra skin can be cut off to prevent from infection from occurring again AND because I hate that hanging flap of skin.
    I also believe due to the massive size of my pregnancies (huge babies and polyhydramnios) that I have diastasis of my abdominal muscles. I believe it is not recommended to have that abdominoplasty done at the same time as a c-section!? Is this true?
    Is there some way that I could have you operate with my OB-GYN when I deliver to at least get rid of part of the pannus ?! What do you suggest? I would really ALSO like my upper abs sewed back together too though. My husband will also be getting fixed, so we know that we are finished.
    What do you suggest? I’ll be delivering at Grand River Hospital in Waterloo, Ontario.
    Btw, do you think somehow I could get this covered? (even though the pannus doesn’t hang over my pubic bone…yet?!…maybe post 4th c-section, it will!?) I’ll be induced at the end of August, 2015.

  • Posted on Dec 29 2014 By jay cook

    I am very pleased with the result that Dr Kreidstein has given me after my tummy tuck. I would recommend him.

  • Posted on Oct 16 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    You may be a candidate for OHIP coverage. We would explain your options at consultation. Please obtain a referral from your MD.

  • Posted on Oct 1 2014 By Zizi

    I am 27 years old. I do weigh 254 pounds and I am 5’7.5″
    My stomach has always been an issue for me. I had a c-section in 2005 And my stomach is hanging really low. I get a lot of infections underneath the flab. Rashes that are very bad and itchy and as well as a bad smell too
    I am starting to have a very bad backache from being too heavy in my stomach area People look at me and don’t believe when I say I am 250ish pounds but I believe it’s mostly to do with my stomach.
    Would I be able to coverage from ohip??

  • Posted on Aug 16 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    There is no minimum apron for abdominoplasty. To be considered for OHIP panniculectomy, the apron must hang below your pubic bone.

  • Posted on Aug 16 2014 By Dru

    Hi, how much of this apron do you have to have to qualify for the operation? I have lost 40 pounds since Jan. and have approx. 60 or so more to go. I have back issues I assumed from weight even thou I am losing the weight I need to the Apron seems to create the same issues now. The more I lose it seems the more it hangs, it seems so heavy.

  • Posted on May 15 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    You do sound like a great candidate for abdominoplasty, as you would benefit both cosmetically and functionally. If your apron lies across your thighs you may meet OHIP criteria for a panniculectomy. Please arrange a referral from your MD to see us.

  • Posted on May 11 2014 By helpmeplease

    I am a mother of 2, 17 and 14. I have never had a flat stomach. As, my mom says, you’re father’s side of the family has no elasticity in the stomach area. My apron doesn’t hang past my groin, but there is a fair amount of it. After having my last child, the apron has gotten worse. I have fluctuated with my weight. I am and have been trying to lose weight for years. I get sores, my skin gets itchy all over my stomach area and the area that my apron meets/touches my legs, the summer time is the worst as I have to wear pants for work and then I sweat, look out. I am doing everything that I can to lose weight, currently I am in kickboxing 2-3 times a week (my mom does this with me and we love it – I’m not a machine type of girl). I have also taken up a learn to run program and hope to continue when done (I have never ran or enjoyed running but we run 3 times a week and I have been going religiously). I am also, in a weight loss challenge with a group of people.
    After 40 years, I am starting to get my confidence back. I’m tired of not fitting into clothes and why I have decided that I needed to make a change. I have to find pants that fit my apron but also my waist. HELP!!!!! Would I be a candidate and would this be covered by OHIP for me?

  • Posted on May 3 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    A range of $2000 to $5000 should be anticipated for upper abdominoplasty in supplement to a panniculectomy.

  • Posted on Apr 30 2014 By mya

    thank you, that helps! … you didn’t answer the last part, are yu able to give approx amount to add the upper muscle/tuck?

  • Posted on Apr 28 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    It is important to factor travel into your surgery plans. We would see you in consultation and then again pre-op once OHIP is decided. We then see you about 4 days after surgery, and again one week later and then 4 -6 weeks post-op. Also factor in the small risk of needing visits once or twice a week if wound healing problem occurs.

  • Posted on Apr 28 2014 By Mya

    Hello, i am about 4hrs away and thinking of getting a referal to you from my doc. would i only need to travel there for the consult and then the procedure? (2 trips?) …. Also IF OHIP approved a panni, how much would it be approx to add the upper part of the tummy/muscle repair?

  • Posted on Apr 23 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Daisy,
    In most cases the same scar is used. You would need to ask your surgeon why new incision was made. Hanging skin is a result of loss of elasticity rather than the double scar. We could improve appearance by combining the two scars (scar revision) or doing a lower abdominoplasty.

  • Posted on Apr 21 2014 By daisy_00

    I don’t live there but can’t find a Doctor to talk to about this.

    When I was 14yrs old I had ovarian cysts and had surgery. Never had a problem over the years. Stomach was flat even after having babies. At 30yrs I was having my 5th baby, no issues prior to becoming pregnant. That pregnany ended in my first c-section/tubal ligation. The exact same Doctor performed both my surgeries. What my problem is, is that he never used the original scar which you can clearly see. He went 1 finger width above it. Now despite being extremly active, working out and on a strict diet. I have a HUGE handful of over hanging skin from that c-section scar.

    Is this normal to go higher above (1 finger width – my fingers are skinny) that prior scar. They are exactly the same length. I look like I have rail road tracks.
    Did this cause that huge flap?

  • Posted on Apr 6 2014 By Elaine

    Thank you for the advice.

  • Posted on Apr 5 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Elaine,
    Your mother may be experiencing bowel obstruction from her hernia, and should be seen by a general surgeon. If hernia is complicated, the panniculectomy is best done as a separate procedure.

  • Posted on Apr 2 2014 By Elaine

    My mother is 330 lbs after losing approximately 80 lbs. She has an apron that hangs just above her knees, and experiences complications, such as frequent boils, rashes and knee and back pain. She also was diagnosed with a hernia around her umbilicus. Her family physician told her that the hernia repair would be too risky until she loses more weight, but she experiences pain after eating that sometimes lasts for days. All of this concerns me. Would she be a potential candidate for a panniculectomy/hernia repair?

  • Posted on Mar 19 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We would be happy to help. Please arrange a referral from your MD, and the consultation would be covered.

  • Posted on Mar 18 2014 By Caroline

    Hello, I am a 34 year old woman who, has an apron that hangs down over my groin, I would like to know if there is a potential for me to have a penniculectomy, that would be covered by ohip? The apron prevents me from buying properly fitting pants, and exercising the way I would like to. I was wondering if there is a possibility if you could help me and what the fee is for the initial consultation?

  • Posted on Mar 18 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Linda,
    OHIP only lists abdominal panniculectomy, not surgery for the other areas. It ultimately is the decision of the medical consultant as to whether symptoms from your tummy apron are ‘significant’, but we are happy to assist with your application.

  • Posted on Mar 18 2014 By Linda

    I have been working at losing weight and have lost 85lbs. I am having hanging skin on my inner thighs, biceps and the usual tummy apron. I do have some rashes and odour from it. Would OHIP cover those areas?

  • Posted on Mar 18 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Approvals are usually obtained within 6 weeks of your consultation. Surgery dates are typically within 3-6 months of your approval.

  • Posted on Mar 18 2014 By Mel

    Thanks! Do you know what the average wait times are from when I would see you/submit the app … to get the approval .. then also then to the surgery date? Just a general time line?

  • Posted on Mar 18 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Mel,
    You have my vote, but your application for panniculectomy will depend on whether they agree that you have ‘serious symptoms’. Please come and see us for consultation and application to OHIP.

  • Posted on Mar 17 2014 By mel

    panniculectomy? i have 4 kids (last being 7months ago full term twins) all c-sections..(DONE having kids) i am approx 200lbs now and have lost all pregnancy weight … my lower belly ‘apron” is so gross and hanging… i also think there is an issue with my belly muscles from being cut? and from how big i got with my twins? no core strength… clothes don’t fit right, i get an itchy red rash as even using powders it gets moist, i cant run or jump, lower back pain, not to mention sex is uncomfy … do you think i would be a possible canidate ?

  • Posted on Mar 8 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We do this operation, but it is not covered by OHIP (unless there is a hernia).

  • Posted on Mar 7 2014 By Kendra

    Hi. Do you just fix separated stomach muscles? I have no excess skin, but I do have a space that resulted from 2 children, 4&5. Would OHIP cover that?
    Thanks Kendra

  • Posted on Mar 1 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Loraine,
    You sound like a good candidate for surgery, and OHIP coverage for panniculectomy would be anticipated if your panniculus hangs over your groin .

  • Posted on Feb 26 2014 By Loraine

    Hello I had gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago. I now weigh 220 lbs and have hanging skin and get rashes that are quite painful. I also have large abdominal incisional hernias that are causing so much pain. I know the hernias is covered by ohip . Would a panniculectomy be covered by ohip and can both procedures be done at the same time?

  • Posted on Feb 23 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We see many patients with painful tender lipomatosis, and almost always a careful excision of the lipoma or angiolipoma produces some relief from symptoms. I would not venture to treat with liposuction, and an application would be necessary for OHIP to consider covering liposuction for this condition.

  • Posted on Feb 22 2014 By Erational

    Hello, a question regarding OHIP coverage for therapeutic liposuction: I have the symptoms of Dercum’s Disease, and would like to know if you’ve found OHIP willing to cover the costs of therapeutic liposuction to treat the painful fat deposits associated with the condition? Also, are you or your colleagues able to make a formal diagnosis of the condition, or would that require a consult with a dermatologist? (My PCP is not an MD, so I really don’t know who to contact about diagnosis and treatment within the OHIP system.) Thanks in advance!

  • Posted on Apr 11 2015 By Elle

    Could you tell me what kind of surgeries you had ” down there” by which doctor and what location? I am in ontario and also from 2 child births need surgery down there, But everything ive looked at OHIP doesnt cover it so curious as to HOW you had that? I have a cystecele that needs repairing I know that will be covered But nothing else as far as i know.

  • Posted on Feb 4 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    No doubt you will benefit from surgery, and a referral from your MD would allow us to advise you about OHIP and non-OHIP options at consultation

  • Posted on Feb 4 2014 By Jessie

    Hello, I had a baby when I was 17, and I swear my hips did not open up properly perhaps because I have medical history of issues with my hips that did not grow properly with my age as a child. My belly grew like an outwards watermelon. For a size 6 teen, I was huge and very unproportioned for a pregnant woman. I received hundreds of stretchmarks (some even an inch thick) from about 1 inch above my belly button down to my groin. She was 9lbs and delivered with forceps. My other children were also facing up, they were 9lbs and 9lbs9oz, both delivered naturally no meds no help (one hospital and one home waterbirth) though with these pregnancies during my twenties (24 and 27) and my hips did move apart. I did have reconstructive surgery down there that was covered by OHIP. I received only a few stretch marks with the second and none with the third. My skin does hang over. Even with a personal trainer, working out 6 days a week at Goodlife and losing lots of weight 190lbs to 142lbs for a 5ft9in woman, I still had lots of skin hanging (that apron you are talking about) that hangs over to my privates that I have to tuck into my pants, and no belly button. You have to pull all the skin back and sideways to find my belly button. My back hurts all the time, every day and night. I had a breast reduction covered by OHIP from an E cup to a C cup when I was 20 to help with the back and should pain. And it did for the most part, I thought perhaps my back pain hurt from my now larger breastfeeding breasts, I am a D cup now though when my 2-post BR babies were very young I was a DD and F. I make lots of milk. I have been nursing non-stop now for 5.5 years, my son is 2.5yrs old and I am still nursing him. I read online that when your stomach muscles are overstretched from pregnancies with multiples or very large babies, it can cause back pain and may be an indication for surgery covered by OHIP. What kind of surgery do you think that I may be a candidate for?
    I posted two pictures here. It was hard to find one that truly showed how big my belly was, but my uterus measured 42 weeks at 33 weeks to give you an idea. The second picture is me in shape with my belly tucked in very well. It is concealed very well, but the crazy amount of hanging over stretched wrinkly old lady skin is tucked into those jeans I swear! No matter how much abs crunches or personal training, nothing tightens my stomach muscles. (I don’t know why the pictures posted inversely and why one is larger than the other… it will not let me reduce the size, sorry about that)

  • Posted on Jan 27 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Any MD would be able to provide referral

  • Posted on Jan 27 2014 By Sara

    Would I need that referral to come from my family doctor? Thanks.

  • Posted on Jan 23 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Sara,
    Your symptoms suggest a hernia rather than diastasis, and surgery for this would be covered by OHIP (possibly in combination with a tummy tuck). Please arrange for a referral to see us.

  • Posted on Jan 22 2014 By Sara

    I believe I have Rectus diastasis. I have had 3 children now aged 16,8 & 6. The 2 youngest two both arrived weighing 9lb 1oz (I’m 5ft 3). I have a bug dip below my sternum when relaxed. I can’t do a sit up, if I lean forward to do my shoes up, put socks on, crouch over, sneeze, laugh or cough then it goes into some weird spasm & feels like a hard knot going under my sternum & is very painful, I try to lay on my front & push my chest to see if I can pop it out, it might sound odd & that might not be what’s actually happening, but that is what it feels like. Yes I do have a little over hang of skin which I swear never went back to it’s original place with my abdominal muscle weakness. However I am more concerned with the pain due to this weakness as I get odd looks at work when I shoot up from my desk with my eyes popping out of my head & trying to arch my back when I get one of these spasms. So my question is,would this be covered by OHIP or am I supposed to have freaky painful moments several times a day for the rest of my life? Thanks

  • Posted on Dec 11 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Indie,
    Some complex considerations here, so you would need an examination to give a useful opinion. We hope to meet with you soon!

  • Posted on Dec 11 2013 By Indie

    Hi there. I am currently at 176 pounds I have never been over 200. I suffer from

    Hidradenitis suppurativa and am going to ask for a BR thursday and a referral. I’m not really sure what a skin break down is but I do get lots of sores a long my C-section scar from the HS. Would this possibly help with getting a
    panniculectomy? Or would the HS make it to difficult? Thanks.

  • Posted on Dec 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Patrick,
    No maximum BMI for OHIP, and decision of surgery timing for each patient should be determined based on all info, including BMI.

  • Posted on Dec 4 2013 By Patrick

    Do you need to have a certain BMI for surgery or OHIP coverage?

  • Posted on Dec 1 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Shannon,
    Repair of the hernia is covered by OHIP, although the other problems you describe are not. It may be advantageous to see us before you have hernia repaired, as combining the hernia repair with an abdominoplasty could allow for a better hernia repair and a less expensive abdominoplasty.

  • Posted on Dec 1 2013 By Shannon

    Hi there, I have had 4 children, all c-sections and within 5 1/2 years. I have diastasis recti, an umbilical hernia and some hanging skin. I am having some issues with my hips that are not improving as I am not able to strengthen my core. I am booked to have my hernia repaired, but am wondering if OHIP would cover fixing my abs? I am unsure how to go about figuring this out , so any comments would be beneficial.

  • Posted on Nov 27 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    A referral letter is always valuable, and may allow for a consultation to be covered by OHIP

  • Posted on Nov 27 2013 By Patrick

    What would the first step be to receive a consultation? Is this covered by OHIP? Should my family doctor give me a referral?

  • Posted on Nov 25 2013 By Dr.kreidstein

    Hi Mark,
    You would need to lose a substantial amount of weight (20%) for that to be a problem. It is common for people to lose weight after tummy tuck, because they become more motivated to exercise. We recommend reaching a stable weight before tummy tuck, and if you do become much more fit and lose weight after surgery, then a repeat procedure could be offered.

  • Posted on Nov 25 2013 By Mark

    I’m concerned that I might lose weight after a tummy tuck and then need to repeat the surgery. Can that happen?

  • Posted on Nov 11 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Brenda,
    This answer will start with your Cardiologist. If the Cardiologist approves surgery, then there should be no limitations for you.

  • Posted on Nov 8 2013 By Brenda McDonald

    Could a patient with a defibrillator pacemaker who had the surgery of stomach stapling which has come undone be a candidate to have gastric bypass surgery? Would they be able to consider the surgery you offer in the future?

  • Posted on Nov 11 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Karen,
    You are in the ‘grey zone’, and we would need a consultation to see if you met OHIP criteria.

  • Posted on Nov 7 2013 By Karen

    I am 48 years old, I have had two c-sections, youngest child is 13, I also have had two tubals done ( optopic pregnancy) and gallbladder removal when I was 26. Suffice it to say that my stomach is a road map of scars. I do have an overhang of skin on my belly which looks lopsided as well as hangs down to cover almost all of the pubic area. I can also grab this fold of skin on either side at my hips. I sometimes get rashes on the hip area which my dr says is a yeast infection? I am at 240 lbs, have just started working out daily, so far I have lost 13 lbs. not much I know but it’s a start. Would a Panni be covered by OHIP in my case?

  • Posted on Nov 11 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Sarah,
    You will likely get coverage for Panniculectomy. If your breasts are simply deflated, a breast reduction may not be a good option or available under OHIP.

  • Posted on Nov 2 2013 By Sarah

    In reading your posts, I was curious under what circumstances would OHIP cover a breast reduction and panniculectomy? I have a large pannus, and am having constant issues with skin breakdown after exercise, I have lost over 100 pounds and still have a bit to go. I am fairly confident that OHIP would cover the pannus removal because it hangs almost past my genitals. I have had a huge unsymmetrical breast issue for years, but because of my weight it was never an option, but now that I have almost lost my weight and my breasts look even worse, would this be an option? My intention is to have a referral to you soon, as I am nearing my weight loss goal.

  • Posted on Nov 11 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Catherine,
    You might well qualify. You should see us once your weight-loss has stabilized.

  • Posted on Oct 23 2013 By Catherine

    I was diagnosed with diabetes this past May with a very high A1C number. I have radically changed my lifestyle and have lost 75 lbs so far with the intent of losing another 45 lbs. I just got my blood tests back and I am thrilled to discover that all my numbers (cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, etc) are in the normal range and my A1C is .54. I already have flabby skin that hangs quite low (and did this even before the weight loss) and it is obvious that it will only get worse. Though I have not experienced boils or sores I have developed scoliosis so back pain is an issue. I do not accept painkillers. When I reach my ideal weight by Spring 2014 would I qualify?

  • Posted on Oct 2 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    This surgery can be performed under OHIP.

  • Posted on Oct 1 2013 By Mary

    I had a thyroidectomy.
    During surgery I went into Respiratory arrest.
    I had to have a tracheotomy done.
    Now I have a hole the size of a belly button on my neck with a line showing the incision.
    Does OHIP cover the cost of coming to you to fix it so that there is minimal scaring?

  • Posted on Sep 28 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Dina,
    The only procedures listed under OHIP are abdominal panniculectomy and breast reduction. Removal of excess skin on thighs, arms and other areas can be of great medical benefit, but OHIP does not cover these procedures.

  • Posted on Sep 27 2013 By Dina

    Hi Dr. Kreidstein, I had an appointment with you this morning and actually forgot to ask you a question. I had gastric bypass surgery last August 2012 and I know that most of the excess skin removal isn’t covered but I read somewhere that it is covered if skin breakdown is present. Because of the constant rubbing under my arms, I often get open sores which is quite painful. So wouldn’t this have to be covered?

  • Posted on Aug 26 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Our experience has been that OHIP will provide coverage if the pannus extends over the inguinal crease or covers the mons (and meets the other criteria). In borderline cases we will provide photos to OHIP and have found them to be receptive. Please arrange a referral from your MD and we will do our best to help.

  • Posted on Aug 25 2013 By Courtney

    I have seen a plastic surgen for a consult for panni removal and brest reduction to be covered by ohip. If I was to have both covered by ohip then I will be able to upgrade and self pay for a full tummy tuck. The problem is the plastic surgen that I saw said that ohip will not cover my panni. Why would this be. I have lost 90 pounds and get rashes and boils under my panni. What would you suggest? Can my family doctor send you a referal letter? Thanks

  • Posted on Aug 19 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Kim,
    Each procedure is judged for OHIP coverage on its own merits. Best would be to request a referral from your GP and we can review at your consultation.

  • Posted on Aug 18 2013 By Kim

    I have had 2 c sections, a hysterectomy and am going for another abdominal surgery to repair my bladder from a complication from the hysterectomy in a couple weeks. I am over weight, have lost only 50 pounds but the over hang is dreadful. It could be worse, I get that but it hangs right over like it is a bag of fat that as been sewn on! It does hang down almost to my pubic bone. Do you think OHIP would cover this repair even though my case is not as extreme as others ?

  • Posted on Aug 7 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Chris,
    A letter of referral is not required for us to apply for OHIP coverage of a panniculectomy.

  • Posted on Aug 6 2013 By Chris

    Hi, do you accept referrals for OHIP-covered panniculectomy from other PCPs? My PCP (and only doctor, in fact) is a licensed ND, not an MD. (I’m not concerned about the consultation being covered, but just the actual procedure.) Thanks.

  • Posted on Jul 21 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Michelle,
    Your family doctor is the best person to advise you whether removal of pannus will improve your back symptoms, and we require a note of recommendation from your MD to then apply to OHIP for coverage.

  • Posted on Jul 20 2013 By Michelle

    Hello! I have lost 100+ lbs with gastric surgery and have kept the weight off for over 3 years. I have an big heavy apron of skin left and although I don’t get rashes anymore, I have developed major low back/pelvic bone issues. I’m always in pain and I really believe it’s from the extra weight from the apron on the front. I’m wondering if you’ve encountered this before and whether the removal would be covered by OHIP. I’ve gone for X-rays and an MRI and nothing appears to be wrong.

  • Posted on Jul 13 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Laurie,
    Repairs of this type our common in our practice, and OHIP coverage for hernia repair is routine. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Posted on Jul 11 2013 By Laurie

    Hello, I had gastric bypass done 5 yrs ago and now have 2 incisional hernias from it 1 being quite large that need to be repaired. Is it possible to have the hernias repaired and the panniculectomy done at the same time and do you feel OHIP would cover this?

  • Posted on Jul 10 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Diana,
    Panniculectomy will help, but if your back surgeon has scheduled you for surgery then there must be an expectation that there is a primary and treatable problem with your back. Please arrange to see us once you are over your surgery, and good luck!

  • Posted on Jul 9 2013 By DianaT

    Hi, I have had 3 C-sections, an appendectomy & an appendectomy scar revision (there was a hernia in the scar). It has been 13 yrs since my last surgery and I suffer with a large overhang of skin also. I have a lot of pain in my scar on both sides and suffer from rashes.
    I am currently scheduled for lower back surgery in September and am now wondering if getting a panniculectomy instead would help with both my stomach and back issues (I have a herniated L4-L5 disc, DDD and arthritis in my spine).
    Advice?? Thanks.

  • Posted on Jul 9 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    This is a common problem that arises from inadequate distribution of fat under the incision line. We can certainly improve this with a scar revision.

  • Posted on Jul 8 2013 By mommyJane

    Hello, I have had 2 c-sections and on the 2nd one it seems as if the dr sewed my incition to the muscle underneath. This has left me with a flat lower section, but a cliff that my belly hangs over. Almost like wearing too tight jeans all the time. Is this something that can be fixed? I have never been overly sensitive about the number on the scale, but this feels like a deformity.

  • Posted on Jan 25 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Best to call our office (416-391-4452) and arrange your visit

  • Posted on Jan 19 2015 By kaykay

    hello am in the same situation how may i contact you please?

  • Posted on Jul 7 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Kay,
    You do sound like a good candidate for an abdominal procedure. Please call us to arrange a visit.

  • Posted on Jul 2 2013 By Kay

    Hello, Its been 2 years since I last gave birth. I have had 5 children as well as a hernia repair. I believe i may have another currently as I’ve been working hard to loose weight. I’m around 160 lbs but I have a loose pannis and I do not think my muscles are closed in the upper portion of my abdomen. I have discomfort with alot of under garmets as well as get itchy, sometimes sores and rashes. I shower frequently because of this. Would a panniculectomy and Diastasis repair be beneficial?

  • Posted on May 9 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Cheryl,
    Congratulations on your success. I am confident we can get a panniculectomy covered by OHIP. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral and let’s get started!

  • Posted on May 8 2013 By Cheryl

    Hello, I started my weight loss journey 20 months ago and have lost over 205 pounds. I’m at 188 pounds now and still working on the rest. My stomach does hang down some but I don’t get to many rashes because I work real hard at not getting a break in my skin because of previously break outs where I’ve been hospitalized and a nurse had to come into the home to bandage my legs daily for 4 months. I have lost the weight by diet and exercise and when I exercise the skin flaps. I was wondering if OHIP would cover the cost of the surgery. My family doctor said he would give me a referral. Thank you for your time. Cheryl

  • Posted on Apr 30 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Theresa,
    If you email us photos (in two-piece bathing suit or similar) we can let you know if it is worth a consultation.

  • Posted on Apr 30 2013 By Theresa

    Hi I was wondering if you offer tummy tuck revision? I’ve had full tummy tuck with muscle repair… I’ve had 6 kids oldest 17 and the youngest 4! My highest weight 200 I’ve worked very hard in loosing all my pregnancy weight over the years. In nov 2012 I had my TT my weight at that time was 116.. I’m 5 ft 1 I’m now about 5 months post op and at. 4-5 Wks post op skin was loose and I have so much I can grab handfuls when standing straight up and when I sit it rest in lap!! I understand they say to wait one year to see full results but this is what it is I can see and grab all the skin all over and can a belly button be fixed? Mine is horrible looks like thick scar tissue and the hole is smaller than the top qtip! Hope you can help…. Thanks for the time. Theresa

  • Posted on Apr 24 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Abdominoplasty can be of benefit for both improved function as well as appearance. You should ask your MD for a referral, as your consultation would be covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Apr 24 2013 By Amy

    I am 25 years old and have had 2 c sections. Seams like my belly was stiched inwards whoch causes my belly to overhang. I gain 90 lbs with my first and lost it all. My second i gain 90 also but only lost 40. I am comfortable with my wieght of 150 right now. Only thing is my belly. I cannot do a sit up due to my scar hurting and major cramps after wards. I have no feeling in the over hanging belly. I cannot wear jeans. It irritates my scar and hurts. What do you think? I dont get rashes i take care of that area pretty good but it does itch.

  • Posted on Apr 21 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Kristan,
    You are correct in that there is no OHIP coverage for thighs. That said, if you have a referral from your MD, we will work with you to keep costs down.

  • Posted on Apr 21 2013 By Kristan MORELAND

    I have extreme excess skin on my inner thighs which impairs my mobility and I experience extreme chaffing. Is a thigh lift procedure covered by OHIP. I have only ever heard of the pannis removal being covered.

  • Posted on Apr 17 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    If pregnancy is a possibility, it is much better to finish having kids before your surgery, as you might stretch apart our beautiful work if you got pregnant after tummy tuck.

  • Posted on Apr 16 2013 By Faith

    One more quick question…would you advice getting pregant after surgery?

  • Posted on Apr 17 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Faith,
    Your current weight, or weight-loss is not a criteria for OHIP coverage of panniculectomy, and your symptoms do sound like you would benefit from this surgery. An umbilical hernia is a problem, as it means you are likely to require amputation of your belly button during tummy tuck surgery. Don’t worry, we can make you a new one!

  • Posted on Apr 16 2013 By Faith

    Hi Dr. Kreidstein,
    I have been overweight for most of my life (I am 37), and I was looking to get a panniculectomy for my hanging skin. I get sores, and rashes and it almost feels like tearing under the hanging skin. I have lost 30lbs so far on weight watchers, but couldnt afford it anymore so I stopped. I have “fallen off the wagon” and trying really hard to get back on. I have an umbilical hernia as well from gallbladder surgery. Do you think i am a candidate for surgery covered by ohip, and also, would a hernia interfere with the surgery at all?

  • Posted on Nov 24 2013 By Dr.kreidstein

    Hi Fiona,
    Please ask your NP to refer you to a plastic surgeon.
    It is unfortunate that you have suffered so badly when there are good treatment options available.

  • Posted on Nov 24 2013 By Fiona

    Oh God, I’ve had this problem for years ( since the birth of my ten year old , I’ve had two more babies with the youngest being almost four years old . I don’t have a family doc and see NP s in a community health service location . I’ve discussed my situation with them ages times mostly in the past couple years and they didn’t care. I was just told to live it , wash constantly , apply creams and use Light Days !!!
    The current NP I’m seeing literally told me to live with it.
    “Who cares if I’m suffering from a raw , itchy , smelly , burning c- section incision, have to wear body shapers all the time otherwise deal with a constant back pain caused by pulled weight of my hanging tummy, plus that not being able to let my husband near me or going swimming …”
    I just heard recently that ohip could help and when I asked the NP she literally said she is too busy and has to let me go, I was really embarrassed and hurt . I’ve even considered cutting my hanging abit at the time myself . Ilost more than 50ls after my pregnancy but thanks to my depression over this issue gained back afew lps ,pregnancy

  • Posted on Apr 2 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Ellen,
    So often, we are contacted by patients like you who should have received help much sooner. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral, or if you are unable to speak with your MD about your problem, call our office and we will set-up a consultation.

  • Posted on Apr 2 2013 By Ellen

    Dear Dr Kreidstein
    I am actually in tears reading these questions and answers! I struggle with rashes, itch and odor under my tummy apron and under my breasts. I have had back problems for years and have had pain killers for years also. I buy cortizone cream over the counter to help a little with the rashes, and wash sometimes 3times a day to stop odor. I do not let my husband near because of this. I very rarely have mentioned this to my doctor because of embarrassment. Is there stil a possibility of ohip covering this for me?
    Thanks you for taking the time to read my email.

  • Posted on Mar 14 2013 By Julie

    Good Afternoon Dr. Kreidstein,

    Thank you for your response. As I said before, through my research I think I meet the requirements. So I guess I will see you in May and we will have a better idea of where I stand with things and we can go from there.

    I feel less anxious now (still extremely anxious, mind you).

    Again, thank you for your time,

  • Posted on Mar 14 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Julie,
    It is rare to never that our application is rejected if the criteria for OHIP coverage are met- pannus extends over inguinal crease, and severe medical problems arising from pannus (infections or skin ulceration requiring medical treatment)

  • Posted on Mar 14 2013 By Julie

    Good Afternoon Dr. Kreidstein,

    Can you please tell me approximately what percent of your requested OHIP covered panniculectomys are approved by OHIP?
    I have an appointment scheduled with you in May. While my doctor sent off the referral to your office and does not seem to think that it will be a problem to have the procedure covered by OHIP, I would like a realistic picture of what my chances are. I do not want to get my hopes up if this is not a procedure that generally gets approved.

    Thank you for your time,

  • Posted on Mar 3 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Vanessa,
    By your description, you meet criteria for OHIP panniculectomy. Ask your MD for a referral letter to be sent to our office and we will arrange your visit. If you had previous belly button surgery or have a hernia under your belly button then it may need to be sacrificed, but that is unusual. It is also possible to create a new belly button for you if the original is not salvageable.

  • Posted on Mar 3 2013 By Vanessa

    I had bariatric surgery almost 2 years ago and lot lmost 200 lbs i weigh about 200 lbs now and have alot of loose skin hanging over my hips and stomach. I also have a huge handfull of loose skin under the belly around my private area and loose inner thigh. I have to use cream and keep area dry or i get red sweaty rashes. I am also wondering if ohip will cover and is it true u will lose your belly button?

  • Posted on Feb 14 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Dawn,
    It does sound like you would be a candidate for OHIP covered surgery. Body Contour surgery like panniculectomy and breast reduction is generally safe, but only by getting all of your medical history and performing a relevant physical exam could we estimate the risks you would face. Please arrange for a referral from your MD.

  • Posted on Feb 13 2013 By Dawn Cunningham

    Hi! I am 43 year old female. I had 4 babies by the time I was 19 years old. I have had weight issues in the past. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and got a staph infection really bad and my surgeon said it was because of the extra skin that I got the infection in my stitches . After that surgery it seems to be worse now and has odour all the time. Also, I get rashes really bad. Very itchy under there. Also my breasts have been experiencing the same kind of issues. Can this all be covered under ohip. Is this surgery safe? Thanks, Dawn

  • Posted on Feb 13 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Shiva,
    It would be best to see us after you have reached a stable weight. We would be able to apply for OHIP coverage based on your symptoms and the extent of skin overhang. A letter of referral should be requested from your MD.

  • Posted on Feb 11 2013 By shiva

    I had 2 c-section which my youngest is 5 month old. I gained a total of 80lbs for both pregnancies, so far i lost 22lbs and still losing. I have the hanging skin . I was wondering if Ohip would cover the procedure?
    Thank you

  • Posted on Feb 10 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Toni,
    You do sound like a candidate for OHIP panniculectomy. We have had several patients from Windsor. You should plan to stay in Toronto area for 5 days after surgery, and then a weekly visit for the next two weeks would be typical.

  • Posted on Feb 9 2013 By Toni

    Hi, I’m from Winsdor and I was wondering if you know of any doctors in Windsor or close by that will perform panniculectomies through OHIP. I have lost 150 lbs and have been working out to tone my body. I have lost the weight over many years so the skin does not totally hang far down but far enough. I have had a full right knee replacement two years ago (i’m 37), the left one is on its way also, and I have back issues. The skin under my stomach also gets irritated with rashes every so often. I am embarrassed by this. By the way my weight loss has been totally on my own with no surgeries! Also, would I qualify at all through OHIP for this?

  • Posted on Feb 8 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Shawn,
    Getting approval for you should be easy. Please ask your MD to fax us a referral that includes a description of the difficulties caused by your pannus.

  • Posted on Feb 7 2013 By Shawn

    My name is Shawn and I am 30 years of age, I am trying to get a
    PANNICULECTOMY covered by ohip as I am having allot of difficulty with the excess skin over hanging. I am in constant back pain and because I’ve lost over 100 pounds the skin now hangs as low as my genitals so this is also effecting my sex life. I am not sure how to start this process but so far my dr has placed me on oxycocet for the constant pain and I’ve been trying to find out more information on how to go forward with the surgery and what I need to do to get ohip to help pay. It is extremely hard to shower because of the excess skin and my Mobilty is limited because the excess skin rubs against my pelvis causing rashes and irritation can you please send me an email with how I might get help with this situation and the steps I will need to take to get my surgery covered.

  • Posted on Nov 26 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    We only require a referral from your MD if you are seeking an OHIP-covered consultation. A cosmetic consultation can be arranged by just calling our office.

  • Posted on Nov 26 2012 By sharon

    Hello Dr Kreidsten,
    You truly understand what is going on with the loose skin on my belly. Its preventing me from having a proper form to do my crunches and it hurts my back when i stand for a long time. my Dr wont do the referral but i don’t know what else to do. I do get discouraged but i cant give up on taking my life into control. it would more in the future if i remain overweight.I don’t want to die from any weight issue that i know i can take care of now. I really need your help in getting my life back and to live for me and my children.

  • Posted on Nov 3 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Sharon,
    We often hear that patients want to reach a goal weight before having surgery. This is sensible, provided that the excess skin isn’t preventing you from reaching your ideal weight. Excess skin can prevent you from doing exercise, and can discourage you from losing weight (more weight loss results in more loose skin). If you are stalled in your weight-loss efforts and you suspect that excess skin (cutis pleonasmus) is holding you back, it is better to have the body contour surgery early. If that lets you lose more weight and your skin does again become too loose, further surgery is an option, but this very rarely happens (we have never had to repeat a tummy tuck for repeat laxity).

  • Posted on Nov 1 2012 By sharon

    Thank you Dr Kreidstein.
    I still have a long way to go to reach my goal weight. the journey has been a very hard one but i know that giving up is not an option. i will ask my Dr about this product. I will keep in touch with u if i do need proper instruction on the usage. i find that instead of complain about my weight,its much easier to take action to get more healthy. It has been very emotional for me also. i do not want to die from any sickness due to weight and that is one of the many reasons to take care of me

  • Posted on Oct 31 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Sharon,
    Congratulations on you weight-loss, and your commitment to a better life for you and your family. In the short-term, there is a product called Interdry Ag that you can use to help with your skin problems. We can help you source this and instruct you in proper use if needed.
    Please see your family doctor and request that a referral note be faxed to our office. We will then arrange an office consultation about surgery, and this consultation will be covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Oct 31 2012 By sharon

    Hello Dr.Kreistein, I have had two c-section,the first one was an emergency. I have since then gain a lot of weight. Since January of this year i started to workout and eat healthy for a better life for myself and my kids. I notice that when i sweat alot from mt workout ,underneath the flap of skin on my tummy smells funny and sometimes i get rashes and cracked skin. I have to shower very often to keep myself clean.I am so embarrassed by this that i sick to my stomach and depressed. What can i do to help myself with this problem?

  • Posted on Oct 17 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    We generally have a 4-8 week interval. Smaller procedures are easier to add to a schedule and can be done within three weeks.

  • Posted on Oct 17 2012 By Linda Harrison

    What is the average time line from consultation to sx date??

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