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Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift is the one procedure we occasionally need to ‘sell’ to our patients, as they often will not appreciate how important brow position is to the appearance of the upper eyelid. We offer several surgical procedures, modifying our technique to the specific needs of our patient.  A brow lift for a bald man is quite different from that for a young woman with paralysis of one side of the face.  Brow Lift or forehead lift surgery is our most powerful tool for people who complain that “they always look tired???.

Coronal Brow Lift Procedure

Brow Lift Surgery 1

Caption A

Forehead lift patient shown before surgery with drooping eyebrows and eyelid tissues, creases in the forehead and frown lines.

Brow Lift Surgery 2

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For a conventional forehead lift, an incision (indicated by dashes) usually is made across the top of the head, a few inches behind the hairline or sometimes along the hairline. Alternatively, some patients may be candidates for an endoscopic forehead lift, requiring several small incisions (indicated by circles) at or within the hairline. A third option, and most popular in our practice, is the Temporal Brow Lift. This involves only small incisions in the scalp, and is very effective at improving a drooping lateral brow.

Brow Lift Surgery 3

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The forehead skin is gently pulled upward, and any excess skin is removed. Some of the forehead muscles may be modified as needed.

Brow Lift Surgery 4

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The postoperative patient with eyebrows elevated, unobstructed upper eyelids, and smoothing of forehead creases and frown lines.

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