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Before and After photo albums can give a great indication of what a practice views to be its best work, and a window into the type of services a practice offers. Whether you are just curious, or seeking inspiration for a future procedure, please visit our website or facebook page to stay up-to-date with our work.

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Dr. Kreidstein and Staff

Celebrating 10 years at York Mills office
Dr. Kreidstein and teammates (see a few of us below) have enjoyed many years of practice, but our York Mills practice (including surgical facility) is only just celebrating it's 10-year birthday (yes, it looks younger; no, it hasn't had 'work' done!). Please send us a comment (via our blog) on how your life has improved as a result of a procedure at our office. Best story will receive a prize! 

Dr. Kreidstein with RNs Norma and Jodi