Did you get your needle yet?!

Botox and Juvederm have recently been bumped down to Toronto's second favourite injection, and we are fighting back with an exciting promotion. We are offering a 20% discount on injections on December 7th, 2009. Please call our office (416-391-4452) to schedule your appointment.

Not familiar with Juvederm? This temporary (6 to 12 months) filler is combined with an anesthetic to minimize discomfort with injection. Soft Lift is the term used to describe the procedure in which a more youthful appearance is created by injection of Juvederm to add subtle volume to the cheek and brow areas.


Staff Profiles

Our trio of Patient Care Coordinators (Mary, Michele, and Julie) continues to shine, and judging from the feedback we get from our patients their excellent work is greatly appreciated by all. Well done!


News & Events


American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting (May 2009)

This annual meeting (held in Las Vegas this year) is the pinnacle of the cosmetic surgery calendar, and Dr. Kreidstein brought back great ideas that have already had a big impact on our practice. Barbed sutures for abdominoplasty and refinements in labia reduction, gynecomastia surgery and facelift technique are all welcome products of this meeting. We wiil review these and other developments in a future newsletter

Visiting Plastic Surgeon from Brazil

Brazil is a hot bed of plastic surgery, so it was particularly flattering when, for the second time, we hosted a Plastic Surgeon from Brazil this summer. Dr. Marcio Lima (seen with Dr. Michael Kreidstein, right) attended surgery both at our office and hospital, and shared many valuable insights during his stay.  A particular distinction for patients in Brazil is the long 'beach' season.  Body contour surgery patients in Brazil will accept long and conspicuous scars, provided the scars can be hidden behind a bathing suit.