How do you find a good doctor?  To find a Plastic Surgeon, you used to ask your GP for a referral, maybe flip through the yellow pages, or you might ask a friend, 'who did your work?'.

Now, patients shop from a list of surgeons on internet message boards.  Email inquiries (with detailed photos!) are sent around the world in search of the right practice, the right surgeon.  Adding to the confusion, each month another innovation in technology springs up, replacing last month's 'breakthrough'.

In this context, a newsletter seemed to us a sensible means of sharing our insight and expertise, in the hope you will gain knowledge and confidence in your health care decisions.  We will answer questions of common interest, we will update you on changes in our practice, we will review new technologies hyped in the media, and we will host guest authors who will provide insight into all matters of health and beauty.  If we aren't covering the topics you care about, please just let us know

Best wishes to all,

Dr. Michael Kreidstein and Staff