3 Nov 2012

Breast Augmentation: Round vs. Anatomic Implants (part 5 of 7)

Beautiful results from breast implant surgery results from excellent surgical technique, but it also relies on informed decisions by our patients. One decision you must make is whether to choose round or anatomic (breast-shaped) implants. Round implants can be smooth or textured, because a round implant can rotate without changing the breast appearance.  An anatomic implant must be textured to prevent rotation (e.g. upside-down breast!).  A common misconception among patients with some drooping of the areola and a hollow upper breast is that they need a round implant to fill the upper pole and correct this appearance.  In our experience, a better appearance is achieved by using an anatomic implant that is big on the bottom to push the lower breast forward, projecting it up and away from the chest wall.  This creates some lift to the position of the nipple, while still filling in the upper breast.  A round implant that more directly fills the upper breast will have the effect of making the areola appear lower, exaggerating the appearance of a sagging breast.

Yes, many patients at our Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery practice leave the decision Round vs. Anatomic to us, but your participation in the surgical plan may help you obtain a result that is perfect for you.

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  • Posted on Nov 3 2012 By Ivanna

    Is anyone familiar with Dr. Micheal Kriedstien.

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