27 Nov 2012

Breast Augmentation: Implants vs. Fat Grafting (part 7 of 7)

Beautiful results from breast implant surgery results from excellent surgical technique, but it also relies on informed decisions by our patients. One decision you must make is whether to pursue augmentation through implants or Fat grafting.  Fat grafting was not a serious consideration until the past few years, and it still doesn’t have the capabilities of a silicone implant.  Still, for someone seeking a modest augmentation (1 cup) and possessing “good??? fat donor sites, and willing to accept unknown risks, and the possibility of lumpiness and inconsistent results, it is a consideration.  Much is written about how to make the operation more predictable, but at present it remains that breast implants are a far more reliable technique.  We favour fat grafting when reconstructing a scarred breast, or in managing problems of breast asymmetry.

Another option for increasing your breast size is liposuction.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Breast size typically increases after liposuction of the hips, abdomen or thighs, because any subsequent weight gain will proportionately appear on the breasts.

Yes, many patients at our Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery practice leave the decision of implants vs. fat grafting to us, but your participation in the surgical plan may help you obtain a result that is perfect for you.

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  • Posted on Nov 27 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Mary,
    Fat grafting is less “invasive”, but not better. Breast implant surgery is more reliable and safer for most patients, but fat grafting can be considered as a good option depending on your circumstances.

  • Posted on Nov 27 2012 By Mary J

    Hello Dr Kreidstein!

    After reading this i couldn’t figure out what is the best option for me! Could you please tell me which is less invasive?

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