1 Jun 2020

Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

The costs of cosmetic surgery can be the biggest barrier to achieving your goals. Fees charged by different practices will vary widely, and not always for reasons of quality.  Even within a practice, the fee for a specific procedure will vary between patients.  Complexity and scale of procedures can vary widely between patients Patient characteristics (e.g. health problems requiring hospital surgery) may influence the costs.

How to lower the costs of your surgery?

If procedures can be safely combined (e.g. breast and abdominal), there is often a savings of $1-2,000 because you are only paying for one trip to the operating room. A patient who has had previous surgery in our practice will pay a lower fee. This is because we are nice(!), but also because we have already trained you in how to take care of yourself after surgery and will probably do a good job again. The quote you receive at a consultation may be influenced by whether a practice has available OR time. If a surgeon does not have their own facility, OR time may be limited. Some practices (esp. young surgeons) will charge less if they are trying to develop expertise in a procedure. Lastly, Covid-19 has introduced the need for multiple new measures to keep surgery safe, and these have increased the cost of starting an operation, particularly if using general anesthesia.

Despite the above, the range of fees we charge is not that wide. The majority of patients who attend our practice receive quotes for cosmetic surgery (includes facility, anesthetist and surgeon fees) as follows:

Breast Augmentation: Saline Implant $8500, silicone gel implant $9500

Breast Lift: $8000-12,000

Gynecomastia: $6,000- 8,000

Brachioplasty: $9,000

Tummy Tuck: $7-13,000

Face lift: $12-15,000

Otoplasty: $3,000 – $7,000

Rhinoplasty: $5000 to $10,000

Eyelids: $3-10,000 (4 lids)

Liposuction: $3000 (local), $6000 (general anesthetic) + $3-6,000 per paired additional area

Brow lift: $7000

Labiaplasty: $5-10,000

Hymenoplasty: $3,000 – $5,000

Fat grafting: $3-5000 (in addition to liposuction fees)

Thermitight: $3-5,000

Fillers: $750

If the costs of cosmetic surgery are leading you to abandon your quest for self-improvement, consider carefully the cost of not having cosmetic surgery.

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Michael Kreidstein, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)

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  • Posted on May 17 2021 By admin

    We often do the two procedures together, but not a requirement. Please arrange a consultation for us to discuss.

  • Posted on May 9 2021 By Ivy Holmes

    I am interested in having a lower face lift and possibly upper lids at a later date.

  • Posted on Jan 13 2020 By admin

    Typical fees for ‘lumps and bumps’ are $500. You will need a consultation first to confirm your lump is a lipoma and can be safely removed.

  • Posted on Jan 10 2020 By Sammie

    I am just curious to how much it would cost for me to get a lipoma removed from the back of my neck I have so much insecurity around it and it just keeps growing and growing

  • Posted on Dec 22 2019 By admin

    Cosmetic surgery is not a commodity like an ounce of gold. Patients will differ widely in the extent of surgery that is necessary to obtain a great result, and surgeons will differ widely in the fees they charge to perform the same operation. That said, in our practice a typical facelift is $10- 12,000, and lower eyelid surgery is $3-6,000.

  • Posted on Dec 21 2019 By greg

    cost of facelift and lower eyelids?

  • Posted on Feb 27 2019 By admin

    We don’t offer this procedure- sorry

  • Posted on Dec 9 2018 By Farah Shablaq

    How much the vagina tightening surgery cost

  • Posted on Sep 29 2018 By admin

    Buffalo hump is an unfortunate name for the accumulation of fibrofatty tissue at the base of the neck. It can arise from a number of conditions, and your surgeon must determine whether investigations are necessary as to the cause. Liposuction is a very successful tool for correction of this problem.

  • Posted on Jul 19 2018 By Nicole Morgan

    I would like to know about buffalo hump removal

  • Posted on Jul 17 2018 By admin

    In general, problems (except medical emergencies) arising from a cosmetic procedure are not covered by OHIP. A fee of $5000 would be typical for implant removal.

  • Posted on Apr 3 2018 By Jayme

    Would back, neck and shoulder pain be significant enough symptoms for implant removal to be covered by ohip? And how much would removal cost under general anesthesia if not covered?

  • Posted on Apr 2 2018 By admin

    In the absence of a disease process or significant symptoms, reversal of a cosmetic procedure is not something we can bill to OHIP. Removal under local anesthetic would cost about $1000, but it is rare (to never) that we would recommend this as there are things we can do under general anesthetic that will provide better, safer healing after removal of the implants.

  • Posted on Mar 29 2018 By Jayme

    I have 3 year old saline over the muscle implants that I want to get removed. I had an appointment booked e in the my surgeon however his office is now closed. He was going to do it at no charge and just use local freezing in office. Just wondering how much you would charge for the removal? And if you know if ohip will cover it if I get a referral and what the criteria for coverage would be?

  • Posted on Oct 30 2017 By admin

    We are able to get OHIP coverage for a one-side augmentation when there is a two-cup size difference between breasts.
    It is not likely that breast augmentation will allow you to overcome your distress. You should instead arrange a careful review of your mental health (including symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder) by your GP or a mental health professional. You may have tried this in the past, but sometimes a new therapist or even a different time in your life can allow for a more successful result. Good luck!

  • Posted on Oct 30 2017 By Julie

    Are there any instances where breast augmentation is covered by ohip? I have severe depression from my past abuse and I can’t stand looking at my body anymore. I don’t think it is but I am just curious. I can’t possibly afford the surgery on my own or else I would get it done in a heartbeat.

  • Posted on Apr 16 2017 By admin

    Hi Phyllis,
    You might want to confirm with an oncologic breast surgeon whether your implants are going to make diagnosis of a breast cancer more difficult- this is not generally the case. That said, removal of implants would be covered by OHIP, with a fee to perform the breast lift.

  • Posted on Apr 16 2017 By Phyllis Guthrie


    I am interested in having cohesive gel implant removal surgery performed and the excess skin removed (lift).
    The reasons are numerous, but most importantly there is a Family history of breast cancer, and my implants may cause problems during mammography by interfering with diagnostic and screening imaging examinations of the breast by compressing and distorting breast tissue, by making compression of the breast in a mammographic examination difficult and obligating special views, and by interposing (particularly with gel-filled implants) a radiopaque mass in the middle of the breast that obscures some breast tissue.

    Could you please let me know if this procedure is covered by OHIP.

    Thank you,


  • Posted on Mar 7 2017 By admin

    Hi Beverly,
    A fee of $8000 is a good approximation, but a consultation is necessary to even confirm you are a candidate. Hope to see you!

  • Posted on Mar 6 2017 By Beverly

    Hello I wanted to know how much it will be to remove skin and reposition my belly button without touching the muscle.

  • Posted on Feb 18 2017 By admin

    Hi Sheri,
    It would be worthwhile for you to ask your MD to refer you for a consultation with us. There would be no charge to you, and it would allow you to learn about your options and whether you are a candidate for OHIP coverage.

  • Posted on Feb 15 2017 By Sheri Cuccio

    Hello I have 4 beautiful children my last being delivered via c section and over the last few years I have noticed my tummy has began to hang! This my be so very self-conscious I find myself binding from my husband when I’m getting dressed! It makes me feel so sad everyday I just want to look beautiful ! I have always want a nice flat tummy even when I was thinner I never had that beautiful tummy! The hang belly feels so werid because you sit you feel it touch your leg and it gets sweaty also! Just wondering is there anyway to have the cost cover?? It sure would be a dream come true! Thank you so much for your time Sheri

  • Posted on Oct 21 2016 By admin

    Dowager’s hump is generally seen in older women with osteoporosis. You may have (equally unpleasantly named) ‘buffalo hump’ which is from excess fat. We would be happy to assist with this problem through liposuction.

  • Posted on Oct 21 2016 By Ginna

    Hello, I am a 22 yr old female and I have a large bump at the baseof my neck known as a dowager’s hump. It has always made me very self conscious and I wanted to know if there is anything that can be done to have it completely fixed? Thanks.

  • Posted on Sep 17 2016 By kreidstein-user

    OHIP panniculectomy is one of the tools we use to keep your costs as low as possible. Please arrange for a referral from your MD.

  • Posted on Sep 16 2016 By Estella Brand

    in 2005 I went on the South beach diet and lost 100 pounds. now I am doing the Ideal Protien Diet and have dropped 40 pounds. I am attempting to reach my goal of 100 pounds. I suffer from loose skin that hangs down in front of me. It often becomes irritated and rashed and bleeds.
    I certainly would love to have and panniculectomy I would like to have the over hanging skin removed to get a better quality of life. My doctor says I qualify for OHIP surgery. She is currently seeking a doctor who would do it if OHIP pays for it.
    Would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for this website.

  • Posted on Sep 17 2016 By kreidstein-user

    We are located in North Toronto (Bayview and York Mills). Many of our patients obtain financing. Combining abdominal and nose surgery is not a problem. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Posted on Sep 13 2016 By Corena Zoccole

    Where are you located? Is there financing available? I need a tummy tuck and/ a nose job ….I had a surgery done on my nose for medical reasons and ever since my nose has been flat look so ugly and a side view my face looks flat

  • Posted on Jul 27 2016 By kreidstein-user

    Hi Julie,
    That is a very common combination. A fee of $5000 to $15000 should be anticipated, and consultation fee of $200 is deducted from cost of surgery. We look forward to helping you!

  • Posted on Jul 27 2016 By Julie

    Hi can I do liposuction and Tummy tuck together, and how much will both cost me? Is the consultation feel? Please Iet me know. Thanks

  • Posted on Jul 27 2016 By kreidstein-user

    It is very unusual for OHIP to provide coverage for cosmetic issues below the neck, but if you are referred for consultation by your MD your consultation with us is covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Jul 25 2016 By johnny juras

    hi, im a 53 yr old man in great shape for my age, 14 yrs ago i had a sever siaticia nerve attack that left me with no calf muscle in my right leg and a bit off drop foot. there is a great deal of muscle difference between both legs. i will not wear short cause of this. would ohip cover this. please get back to me. thanks, johnny

  • Posted on Feb 29 2016 By kreidstein-user

    Banana roll can arise from both extra fat as well as the compression caused by butt hanging over thigh. Liposuction can help but is complex and should only done by a surgeon very familiar with this area. The effect is permanent and costs of $2000 for tumescent technique would be typical.

  • Posted on Feb 29 2016 By Megan Stang


    I am a fit 29-year old female looking to remove the banana roll underneath her gluteal folds. On average, how much does this cost? Also, how long does it typically last? (I work out usually 4-5 days/week).

  • Posted on Feb 21 2016 By kreidstein-user

    At the corner of Bayview Avenue and York Mills Road in north Toronto.

  • Posted on Feb 18 2016 By Holly

    Where are you located?

  • Posted on Jan 20 2016 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Lorrie
    The worse the tummy, the greater the benefit from tummy tuck surgery. You sound like a great candidate. Cost is going to be around $8000.

  • Posted on Jan 20 2016 By Lorrie Rushton

    I had 3 c-sections…last one 24 yrs ago…I have a vertical scar..from belly button down.. The scar is still tender at times when it rubs against jeans. Along the side of the scar the fat tissue appears to bulge making it look like a hotdog bun..is there any way to repair this.. I would so like to wear a bathing suit again.. Please let me know possibilities as well as cost.. Thanks for your time.

  • Posted on May 27 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    OHIP coverage is limited to surgery for the skin hanging over your pubis. Many patients will pursue a more extensive abdominoplasty to augment the OHIP panniculectomy.

  • Posted on May 11 2015 By Lonely

    I am 52 year old Aboriginal descendant who has had four C-sections, gall bladder removal. I have lost more than weight in the last year. My tummy hangs very loose. My tummy extends out that I look I’m expecting with very slender/skinny lower limbs. My question is- would NIHB/OHIP cover the removal of loose ugly hanging flabby skin?

  • Posted on Apr 10 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    There are a number of options for combining these procedures, all of which are likely to save you time, money, multiple recovery periods, etc. Please call us to arrange a consultation.

  • Posted on Apr 9 2015 By Jen

    Hello Dr. Kreidstein,
    I’m currently looking into a breast augmentation after nursing two children. I also need a small hernia repair which I was going to do at shouldice. My question is, is it possible to have these two procedures done together to help with the costs? I believe the hernia repair is covered under Ohip. I’m a 32 yr old women. 124lbs. Thank you.

  • Posted on Apr 10 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    The issue of OHIP coverage is complex, but assuming there was no concern for disease and significant symptoms weren’t an issue, then a non-OHIP excision should be available for under $500.

  • Posted on Apr 6 2015 By cassi

    Hi dr I have a lipoma on the back of my neck and wanted to know if ohip covers the removal cost or if not how much is it?

  • Posted on Mar 24 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    If you had surgery now and then became pregnant, your results could be compromised. It would be better to wait if a pregnancy is in your immediate plans.

  • Posted on Mar 24 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Brachioplasty fees range from $4000 to $8000 depending on the need for liposuction and the amount of surgery that is necessary.

  • Posted on Mar 24 2015 By Margo

    What is the approximate cost of brachioplasty at your clinic?

  • Posted on Mar 24 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We have had success in applications to OHIP where there is a large difference in size. Please ask your MD for a referral.

  • Posted on Mar 21 2015 By Kris

    Hello Doctor,
    I am a 28 years old mother of 3 ..i have always has uneven breast ever since I had my first baby but the difference between my breast is was not as bad as they are today.. there is about 2 1/2 cup size difference (left side is 34-36 c and right side is 34 a ) and I was wondering if you would know if getting a surgical procedure done to even out my breast was covered by OHIP. I really cannot stand looking at myself in front of the mirror without a shirt on. Thank you so much and hope to hear back from you.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated right about now.

    Thank You

  • Posted on Mar 19 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We would like you to be at a stable weight before you undertake surgery. Wide fluctuations in weight make it difficult to give a cosmetic result that is durable, and you may be malnourished and vulnerable to healing problems.

  • Posted on Mar 8 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Lisa,
    That is a common scenario. Please obtain a letter of referral from your MD to document significant symptoms arising from the panniculus, and come In for a consultation.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2015 By Lisa

    Hi Doctor Kreidstein. I have had a c-section and then gained a significant amount of weight and have lost the weight. I have a significant amount of hanging skin above the belly button, below the belly button and on the mons. My doctor believes I would qualify for an OHIP covered panniculectomy. Is that something that could be combined with a tummy tuck and pay the difference?

  • Posted on Mar 3 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Unfortunately, surgery to improve cosmesis below the collarbone is not generally covered by OHIP. That said, we can make an application, and perhaps the cost of surgery will be acceptable to you even without OHIP coverage.

  • Posted on Mar 2 2015 By HocekyFan93

    I had cancer surgery in 2002 and as a result I ended up with a hernia on my stomach. In 2004, I had another cancer surgery and the hernia was fixed but an excess amount of skin was a result. In 2007 after another surgery this skin was supposed to be removed but wasn’t. I was told by a doctor that it was fat. I lost 40 lbs and I am not overweight but there is still a skin protruding just above my waist and I can’t wear any clothing that clings since its noticeable. Prior to the hernia, I had a flat abdomen. Would OHIP pay to have this fixed?

  • Posted on Feb 16 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Kayla,
    It is best if you are near your ideal weight, but if your weight is stable we can offer you surgery, and OHIP may cover a panniculectomy. Please call our office to arrange a consultation.

  • Posted on Feb 12 2015 By Kayla

    Hello Dr. Kreidstein,
    I have had 3 C-sections over the past 23 years and I am also overweight by 60lbs although even when my weight was stable I still had this problem with my lower abdomen hanging and constantly causing infections underneath the stomach. The c’section was bikini line.
    Is this something you could help me with and would Ohip help at all with this situation.
    Thank you

  • Posted on Feb 2 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    A referral from your MD is necessary for OHIP coverage of the consultation.

  • Posted on Feb 1 2015 By MV

    Thank you for the quick reply. Will I need a referral if I plan to claim OHIP?

  • Posted on Feb 1 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    I would be happy to assist. Please call our office to arrange your visit.

  • Posted on Feb 1 2015 By MV

    Hello Dr. Kreidstein,

    I underwent bilateral reduction mammoplasty with corrective liposuction in 2002. I would like to know if you could review my case for a second breast reduction since my breasts have gotten bigger and saggy and whether it would be covered by OHIP.

    Thank you.

  • Posted on Jan 28 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Sleep apnea is caused by collapse of the pharynx during sleep, not nasal airway obstruction. An operation to improve your nasal airway would be covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Jan 28 2015 By PW

    Hello. I am a 47 yr old male former member of the Canadian Military. I have sleep apnea and was told that this may be caused by an irregularity in the nose (due to my nose having been broken). Would Rhinoplasty be covered in this situation by OHIP?

  • Posted on Jan 13 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    It is difficult to estimate a fee without seeing the scars, but under local anesthetic a fee of $500 to $750 would be typical per scar.

  • Posted on Jan 12 2015 By Justine

    Hey doctor,
    I am looking into scar revision and am wondering what that would usually cost. I have 2 scars on my calves that are about 2 inches long and originally had stitches there, I can’t stand the way they look anymore. How much should I expect?

  • Posted on Jan 11 2015 By Malathie

    See you soon.

  • Posted on Jan 11 2015 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Malathie,
    You are describing some complex problems. We can’t begin to suggest solutions until we meet with you. See you soon!

  • Posted on Jan 11 2015 By Malathie

    Hello Doc. I had Chin and Jaw lipo done in 2012 but still have
    sub mental fat remaining. My nasolabial folds, sagging under eye, and frowning under lips are visible now. I prefer to do a fat transfer than fillers or mid face lift right now. How long the fat transfer will last until I do the mid face lift. And how
    much cost I will be looking for? I cannot go back to the same doc who
    performed the lipo because he has been banded now for performing any plastic surgery.I am a victim of his bad lipo .
    Can the fat under chin be used for fat transfer?
    I will be seeing you soon but your advice would be really helpful to evaluate
    my options.

    I am a member of real self.


  • Posted on Dec 29 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    You may be describing eyelid ptosis. It would be unusual for a second nerve to be affected by Bell’s Palsy virus, but not impossible. Your surgery would be covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Dec 17 2014 By nc185

    Hi there, I’m looking into a blepharoplasty, as one eyelid has begun drooping significantly, possible because of a neuromuscular problem (I had a Bell’s Palsy related issue on the same side of my face two years ago). Is it possible for this to be covered by OHIP?

  • Posted on Dec 1 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Medical illnesses can certainly take a toll on your appearance. Dark circles can be a result of shadows, darkened skin, thin skin that shows the underlying muscle and vessels, dilated vessels, or a combination of the above. We will need to meet with you to give useful advice. Please give us a call!

  • Posted on Nov 30 2014 By EF

    Hi Dr Kreidstein,
    I’m a 19 year old female, and I have had asthma all my life. Because of this, the dark circles under my eyes have become worse and more noticeable throughout the years. I was also diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and ulcerative colitis last year. I was unable to have a good sleep for a long time and now that I’m getting better, these dark circles just seem to be permanent. I’ve been looking around and then I came across the fat grafting procedure. I was just wondering if you’d recommend that. I was also wondering if it’s even worth getting this, as all my diseases are life long and I don’t want the dark circles to reappear after getting the procedure over time.

  • Posted on Nov 21 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Sherry,
    Fees for Brachioplasty run from $4000 to $6000. We look forward to your call!

  • Posted on Nov 20 2014 By Sherry

    Good Afternoon, I am interested in an arm lift due to excessive weight loss. Have seen a plastic surgeon in my area and was told I do not require liposuction as I have no fat just very loose skin. He did state that the incision would extend up from the elbow and under the armpit to the get the best result. I have heard great things about you and your clinic. If possible can you tell me the average cost of this procedure. Thank you Sherry

  • Posted on Dec 29 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We can do this liposuction under local anesthetic for $1500

  • Posted on Dec 8 2014 By Ana

    Hi doc, I am a formal patient, I do have a buffalo hump. If my corticosteroid levels are normal, how much would it cost to lipstick back of hump?

  • Posted on Oct 19 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Buffalo hump can be a sign of abnormal corticosteroid levels, and if this has not been investigated by your family doctor than we would need to initiate investigation before offering you surgery. Liposuction is an excellent technique for dramatically reducing this deformity.

  • Posted on Oct 18 2014 By izilma Collins

    Hi doctor I have a fat deposit at the base of my neck that is known as buffalo hump. I was told by a friend that it can be removed by liposuction. Do I need to be referred by my private care doctor?

  • Posted on Oct 16 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Our fees for breast lift range from $3500 to $7000, depending on the type and extent of surgery that is necessary.

  • Posted on Oct 16 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Liposuction is specifically excluded from OHIP. This is unfortunate, as many procedures covered by OHIP can be done better with liposuction.

  • Posted on Oct 16 2014 By Micheal

    I wanted to know if liposuction is covered by Ohip ??

  • Posted on Sep 30 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    This is an ideal scenario for a lower abdominoplasty. The c-section scar gives us a good way to estimate the type (thick vs. thin) of scar you will form, and your tolerance for a scar. You have much to gain from a consultation.

  • Posted on Sep 30 2014 By Ann

    Hello. I am interested in a mini tummy tuck/c-section scar revision. I have a c- section scar that indents. Is there a procedure that can fix the indentation? A thin scar itself does not bother me. I also have some loose skin above the scar. thanks!

  • Posted on Sep 30 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Wow, you definitely have a plan! Hernia repair is covered by OHIP, and you might do well to have a breast reduction as well covered by OHIP. We should see you once your weight loss is stable so we can establish your priorities and possible costs.

  • Posted on Sep 29 2014 By Cassandra

    Hello Dr. K. I am a 37 y/o f. I am about to embark on a massive weight loss program which will (ideally) have me lose 80 pounds in the next 4 months. I’ve already lost 120 and have a smaller panni apron (just covering a few cm of the mons). I’ve had 1 csection but have had 5 other vag deliveries. I’ve also had a urethral sling put in (which was unsuccessful) anyway, my gp is pretty sure I will have an enormous panni after the weight loss. 1) How long after the weight loss will I need to wait to be referred to you? 2) how much would it cost to upgrade that to a full body makeover (if that’s possible?) as I would like to get everything tightened and my breasts (which are currently dd and saggy enough that I hate them) fixed. I’m not sure on what type of breast surgery yet but I do know is like them perky but manageable for my back as I perform constant heavy lifting at work. I also have a hernia that may need repaired on my abs area. Could the hernia repair be covered by ohip? and would that added to a panniculectomy be considered a tummy tuck type of surgery? So I’m asking, how much would it be to have tightening of my flank, back, hips and thighs with a possible breast aug. piggybacked on the potential ohip covered panni/hernia repair?

  • Posted on Sep 22 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    It is good that you are still working hard to overcome your setback. Abdominoplasty/Panniculectomy may be a great option for you. Your panniculus must hang past your pubic area to be considered for OHIP coverage. We look forward to meeting with you.

  • Posted on Sep 22 2014 By sickofthiscrap70

    Hi there, I am a mother of 5 healthy boys, aged 23,18,16.6.5…first three were vag births and last two were csections as I had major back accident (2005)that went into my left hip…I have always been about 120lbs my whole adult life up until 2007 and first csection, I went up to about 165lbs and couldn’t lose weight due to back pain, then I had my last son in 2009 and after having him I have gone up to about 200lbs…I can’t do much exercise as my hip won’t allow me to walk far or up/downstairs…I know alot of my pain comes from all this weight in mid section….would I be considered for panniculectomy by OHIP? any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have gone thru enough, just trying to make the most of my life…my accident happened when I was 35, and surprising my last two pregnancies I was pain free in back….but obviously keeping pregnant is not the answer…….lol Thanks Tracey

  • Posted on Aug 13 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Some procedures do combine well together, and breast augmentation and tummy tuck (aka mommy makeover) is a good example. You should expect a discount from your surgeon if you combine these procedures.

  • Posted on Aug 13 2014 By Vo5

    Hello, was looking to get a breast augmentation as well as a tummy tuck – would combined procedures result in a lower fee?

  • Posted on Aug 6 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    OHIP does not consider the cause of the weight gain, but we will do our best to help you to a successful application for panniculectomy. Please ask your MD to refer you to our office.

  • Posted on Aug 4 2014 By Rachel

    Hello dr. I was looking at getting panniculectomy as that may be covered by ohip. I have had a serious of abdominal surgeries including two c sections. After my first c-section I was very ill and put into a medically induced coma and ended up gaining about 150 lbs in water retention and lost about 170 lbs in a matter of 5 weeks. Also I live about 3 hours from toronto (London) and didnt know if toronto is the closest place or if this would be covered by ohip. Any help or recommendations would be appreciates. Thanks

  • Posted on Jul 11 2014 By Brenda Drager

    I will get started on that! Thanks.

  • Posted on Jul 11 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Please just ask your clinic or MD to send the referral, and we will do our best to facilitate.

  • Posted on Jul 10 2014 By Brenda drager

    I am trying to avoid two trips to Toronto, so wondering if you do telehealth. I am associated with the Thunder Bay Bariatric clinic, so can be referred from them.

  • Posted on Jul 10 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    If we have an appropriate referral from your local MD and some photos, we can submit application to OHIP to establish whether you will have OHIP coverage for panniculectomy. You would then meet with us in consultation, returning again only for your surgery. Fees of $4000 to $6000 are typical for the non-OHIP component.

  • Posted on Jul 9 2014 By Brenda Senek Drager

    I have had RNY and am two years out, I think OHIP would cover the panni, but am thinking since I would be going under the knife I would like the entire tummy tuck if I need it. Can you do this with the panni if OHIP approves that and what would be the extra cost? I also live a 22 hour drive away from you, do you do a presurgery appointment by telehealth to tell me if I even need a full tuck?

  • Posted on Sep 18 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    If you have a referral from your MD for an OHIP-covered service, you do not need to pay a consultation fee.

  • Posted on Sep 17 2014 By Linda

    is this with a referral from my family doctor??

  • Posted on Jul 5 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We charge $200 + hst for consultations. We believe that ‘free’ consultations are not in our patient’s best interests.

  • Posted on Jul 4 2014 By Tanya

    Good morning,
    Do you charge for consultations?

  • Posted on Jul 1 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Nice to hear you are doing well. Both banana roll and knee liposuction have the problem of exagerrated skin wrinkles. A careful consideration of pros and cons can still allow us to offer this surgery in selected cases. It would have no impact on arthritis pain.

  • Posted on Jun 29 2014 By Yas

    Dr. Kreidstein, I am a previous patient of yours. Extremely happy with my thigh liposuction that was performed in 2007, but wondering if I can use a touch up to remove the Banana roll under my buttock? Also is a liposuction possible on the knee fat pad? would this removal cause arthritis or knee pain?

  • Posted on Jul 1 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    The area in front of ear hides a scar well, and a single vertical scar may be possible. Stretch and thickening of the scar can be minimized with good surgical technique and use of silicone dressings after surgery. We look forward to seeing you.

  • Posted on Jun 10 2014 By felic

    Hello, I am 20 years old and made my worst life choice of getting a cross tattooed on my face. Its located basically on my temple near my ear. Its about 1″long and thin somewhat. I would like to have it excised .I can live with a scar and not the tattoo im driving myself into depresion and dont want to pay or wait for laser treatments to work. I also understand due to the shape of the tattoo the scar will look like the letter t im hoping… is all this possible? How much would I pay for a procedure like this? Will my scar stretch to much in that area ?

  • Posted on May 18 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    OHIP may cover the panniculectomy (apron) part of the procedure. Please arrange for a referral from your MD, and be sure the referral itemizes your physical complications from the apron.

  • Posted on May 17 2014 By A

    Hi Dr.Kreidstein,

    I 2 years ago I had a baby, and in the last 3 months I gained then lost over 100lbs due to preeclampsia. Now I’m left with a mess of a stomach/loose skin apron. I also have psoriasis, so now I continually get rashes underneath and it’s extremely uncomfortable. I want to get the apron removed. Is this generally something OHIP would cover?

  • Posted on May 15 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Canthoplasty fees vary depending on the surgery that is necessary. $5000 is a typical fee for this surgery. Usually we use existing fat to fill in hollow, as fat flap is more reliable than a graft.

  • Posted on May 6 2014 By Skya Rhen

    Good day, I am interested in having a canthoplasty or canthopexy done in order to give my eyes a permanent, almond-like appearance. How much would this cost, including all related fees?
    Also, one of my eyes has a slight hollow in the inner corner, under the brow bone. Do you specialise in fat grafting to correct this problem? If so, what would be the estimated cost and would this be a one-time visit or would this take repeated visits?
    Thanks, in advance, for your response.

  • Posted on May 3 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We have done this many times under local anesthetic by tumescent liposuction with good success. Fees of $2000-$2500 are typical.

  • Posted on May 3 2014 By suzy

    Hi I was wondering if you do removal of buffalo hump and what would be the cost?

  • Posted on Apr 26 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Unilateral (one side) augmentation may be covered by OHIP. Please arrange for a referral from your MD.

  • Posted on Apr 26 2014 By AB

    Hello Doctor, I was wondering if you do breast augmentation for people with breast aplasia / hypoaplasia. I believe it is covered by OHIP and was wondering if you make the judgement to see if one is an applicant for OHIP coverage. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.

  • Posted on Apr 5 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    If panniculectomy is covered by OHIP, there is no cost.

  • Posted on Apr 1 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Tummy tuck has no effect on back fat and love handles, although both problems can be improved with specific procedures. Fees of $8000 to $9000 are typical for full abdominoplasty.

  • Posted on Apr 1 2014 By Eduwyna

    I am 39 yrs old, I’ve had 3 pregnancies, I’ve been dissatisfied with my tummy area for years, I tend to get depressed anytime I really look at my tummy. working out in the gym does not have any effect on it, I want to have a full tummy, ( which includes muscle repair ) however I have back fat and love handles, I would like to know if the back fat and side fat will be greatly reduced when I have the procedure done? I also want a tummy tuck with progressive tension suture ( no drain method) approximately how much will it cost?

    Thank you so much.


  • Posted on Mar 15 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Thanks for inquiry. Without an examination we can only estimate fees. Range is from $4000 to $10,000 per procedure.

  • Posted on Mar 14 2014 By angelita42

    Dear Dr Kreidstein.. i have lost 100 lbs.. i ahve been going to doctor consultation.. some said i need lower body lift.. inner thighs lift and butt lift.. i do know i have loose skin under neet of butt and of course my tummy … i already went to a doctor are processing ohip coverage for tummy.. i need also arm lift and breast lift with implant and at the end my face and neck… i am still exercising and toning i did my weight loss natural with healthy food and excercises… i need a confident doctor and a good price also …im in ontario.. what is the cost im looking at

  • Posted on Mar 1 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    A referral from your MD that specifies that you are having significant symptoms (e.g. back pain) would meet the criteria for an OHIP consultation. Liposuction breast reduction is not covered by OHIP, and requires fatty breasts (not dense on mammogram) and good skin elasticity and breast shape to be a consideration. Fees of $4500 are typical.

  • Posted on Feb 28 2014 By Grey

    Hi, I’m 27 years old and am seriously considering breast reduction by liposuction. I’m 5’1 and have a bra size of 38H. I did have 1 previous operation on my left breast (upper right facing area) to remove a cyst that was benign when I was 19. I was going to get a traditional breast reduction with the inverted t incision but backed out because it was recommended that I wait till after having children since it could affect my breast feeding. Now after having 2 kids I was barely able to breast feed for a month with each child and with little success. (Ironic that my large breasts could hardly produce any milk) after I had my second child I revisited breast reduction but was told I needed to lose 20 lbs to even get a referral. I have been seeing a personal trainer for the last 4 months going 3 times a week. I have lost a lot of inches but my weight remains the same. I also do not want to undergo such an invasive surgery with a recovery time that I just can’t possibly do (especially with 2 kids and a husband who is on call) I understand that OHIP does not cover breast reduction by liposuction but my doctor said he was willing to send a referral if I found a doctor who would at least see me. I live in London but the wait periods to have a breast reduction are so ridiculously long they will not even take a referral. He recommended I look outside of my area and found your website as well as ratings that made you more favourable. Outside of an actual consultation what would the cost be for a breast reduction by liposuction for someone my size? How many cup sizes could I go down? Does my previous surgery hinder my qualification for breast reduction? Would OHIP cover my initial consultation with you if I have a referral from my doctor? Thank you

  • Posted on Feb 24 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    A fee of $1500 to $4000 is typical- depends on how many parts of the ear (helical rim, concho-mastoid angle, lobule, etc.) need pinning back.

  • Posted on Feb 24 2014 By Michelle L.

    I am 25 and need to get my ears punned back a bit. It’s not as severe as some cases seen online. But how much is it estimated at?

  • Posted on Feb 13 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Your hernia repair would be covered by OHIP, and there may be some cost savings in combining a cosmetic abdominoplasty with your hernia repair. A referral from your MD would be helpful in organizing your consultation.

  • Posted on Feb 12 2014 By katie

    Dr. Kreidstein,
    I’m a 27 year old female who has 5 year old twins and a 16 month son. I have been told I have a heurnia behind my bellybutton and quite a bit of loose skin hanging. I was curious if OHIP covers anything. It’s very irritated and red most of the time.

    thank you

  • Posted on Feb 4 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    A procedure involving these areas would typically be in the $8500 range.

  • Posted on Jan 29 2014 By Lisa

    I am doing my research on doctors for liposuction for myself and I have to say that your website looks great! Wondering how much inner, outer thighs, hips and stomach lipo would cost. Thanks

  • Posted on Jan 17 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    This can be performed under local anesthetic for $1500. Please call us to arrange a visit.

  • Posted on Jan 17 2014 By Monica Williams

    Hi I have a small hump at the base of my neck which is referred to as buffalo hump. It doesn’t hurt but it makes me feel uncomfortable about myself. How much would it cost to have it liposuction . Thank you

  • Posted on Jan 10 2014 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Lana,
    Assuming you are a good candidate for these procedures, a $10,000 fee should be anticipated.

  • Posted on Jan 10 2014 By Lana

    I am a 22 year old female who is 5’11 and 240 lbs. I am working out and losing my weight slowly but I do not like my body proportions. I have a small waist underneath my belly and muffin top and I want to jump start the weight loss by getting those areas lipo’d. My thighs have rubbed against each other all the way to my knees my entire life so they are in really bad condition, I would like to get them lipo’d so that they at least don’t rub together on my knee area and I would like to transfer the fat to my butt. I want to have a very large booty with as much fat transferred to it as possible so that it is less likely to go flat again if the fat doesn’t take. My butt is pretty flat. What kind of costs would I be looking at for this?

  • Posted on Nov 11 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Sandra,
    Brachioplasty is a good procedure to correct for excess skin, whatever the cause. Fees depend on whether fat must also be removed. Costs of $2000 to $6000 are typical, and recovery allows use of your arms with dressings the next day, full activities by 3 weeks.

  • Posted on Nov 8 2013 By Sandra Bradley

    I am interested in having an arm lift. I can send pictures. This is not due to great weight loss – just age and genetics. I have good muscle and lots of upper body strength – my arms and the little puffs of fat that hide under your arm pits makes me look my age – which is fine – it bothers me to wear sleeveless dresses. O am interested in Cost and recovery time. Thanks!

  • Posted on Nov 11 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Terah,
    You are correct to consider proportions in planning your procedure options. We would include this issue at your consultation.

  • Posted on Nov 6 2013 By Terah

    I am a 44dd…I wonder if I have a tummy tuck my shape would look weird?my upper tummy is slowly vanishing but the lower is still abit of a muffin top.

  • Posted on Nov 11 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    On occasion, a practice will have a last-minute gap in their OR schedule they are keen to fill. You may find them (or us) receptive to ‘negotiations’ if you are very flexible with dates.

  • Posted on Oct 16 2013 By keira

    Anyway to have a preferred or discounted price for silicone breast augmentations to be slightly lower than $7000? I am on a budget and just wondering if there is any wiggle room to work with here!

  • Posted on Oct 2 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    A fee of $450 for two ears is typical.

  • Posted on Sep 30 2013 By ilene

    The hole where I insert my earring is now too large. What would it cost to make the opening smaller? Not sure if I need 1 or both mended. Is there a long wait time?

  • Posted on Aug 8 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Congratulations on weight loss! Body contour surgery may help you to further lose weight, as exercise will be easier and your improved appearance will help motivate greater effort. Fees depend on the extent of necessary surgery, but $8500 for tummy, $3000 for thigh liposuction and $6000 for breast lift are good approximations.

  • Posted on Aug 8 2013 By d.p

    Hi I went from 330 pounds to 240 in the last 3 years and I’m having a hard time tightening my skin and losing anymore weight. I am really interested in a tummy tuck with some liposuction on my inner thighs. And maybe a breast lift. What would be an estimated cost on these procedures ? Thanks

  • Posted on Aug 7 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    All general anesthetics are provided by Royal College certified Anesthetists.

  • Posted on Aug 6 2013 By Shri

    Do you engage a board certified anesthesiologist who works with you on a regular basis for surgeries requiring local or general anesthesia? Thanks!

  • Posted on Jul 27 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Our fee ranges from $4000 to $8000, depending on the extent of lipousuction and excision that is necessary.

  • Posted on Jul 25 2013 By Kerry

    Hi there. What is the cost of arm lifts? Thanks!

  • Posted on Jul 17 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Additional cosmetic procedures are typically $3000-5000, but range from $2000 to $20,000 (circumferential body lift with autologous flap buttock augmentation).

  • Posted on Jul 16 2013 By Christina

    If the Panniculectomy is covered by OHIP what would be the approximate additional cost to get a full tuck?

  • Posted on Jul 9 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Maria,
    We can only estimate the cost of your procedure, but $3000 for hip liposuction would be typical.

  • Posted on Jul 8 2013 By Maria

    Hi, I had a tummy tuck in 2005 I am happy with the results of that. My issue is my flanks originally my Dr. had advised me that he would preform liposuction on my side before the tuck but when I awoke he informed me that the machine had broken and as a result only did my tuck. I have lived with these flanks for years now but I absolutely cannot stand them, my question is what could be done to fix this and what would the approximate cost be?
    Tnak you.

  • Posted on Jul 7 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Kay,
    Panniculectomy (OHIP covererd) requires severe symptoms and skin hanging past the pubis. A referral letter from your MD to confirm you have required treatment for skin breakdown or infections would help establish criteria for an application to OHIP.

  • Posted on Jul 3 2013 By Kay

    Hello, I have reoccurring hernia’s and I believe I may require Diastasis repair. I have had 4 pregnancies that have left my pannus hanging. It’s causing rashes and some bumps now from sweating. I’ve been working out for quite some time now but it does not appear to be toning up this area at all. Would I qualify for a panniculectomy?

  • Posted on May 21 2013 By arianna

    Sarah, I’m not a doctor, but I got orthognathic surgery and it brought my jaw/chin forward and the made my cheeks look more full. So you may want to try that. You can see some videos on YouTube by “profilo, Australia” they do a pretty good job of explaining the procedure.

  • Posted on May 20 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Chin augmentation with solid silicone implant entails a (approx.) $3000 fee, or injectable filler e.g. Voluma can be used- it costs about $1000 and should last at least a year.
    Lower lid blepharoplasty takes many forms, depending on the extent of surgery that is necessary. Fees from $1500 to $5000 are typical.

  • Posted on May 14 2013 By Sarah

    I would like to know more about chin augmentation(with implant) and I think I’ll benefit from surgery if I’ll combine it with lower lid blepharoplasty, can I get an approximate cost, I’m 30 years old healthy female.
    Thanks beforehand

  • Posted on Apr 17 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Elizabeth
    Do you get a reply on this?

  • Posted on Apr 10 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Krista,
    Sorry to hear of your struggle. It certainly sounds like you could benefit from surgery, and OHIP may cover a panniculectomy. Please arrange for a referral from your MD to see me, and we will go from there.

  • Posted on Apr 9 2013 By Krista Reesor

    I am a 29 year old female who has had some major abdominal surgeries and am having a very hard time dealing with the way my stomach looks. I have had a c-section and then 1.5 years after having my son I had a liver resection in which the doctor removed 68% of my liver. Due to the surgery and then having to have surgery right after to repair a abdominal incision hernia my stomach is a mess. Now being 3 years post op I have changed my life a great deal and have lost 60 lbs but my stomach has so much loose skin that no matter what I do will not tighten. I now have a stomach fold which I am so embarrassed and self conscious. I find it even more difficult as I am now single mother and I cant even imagine the thought of having to bring someone new to my life when I am so unhappy about my stomach. Is there anything that is covered by OHIP that I can look into? Like I said everything was great until I had all of these abdominal surgeries in such a very short period of time.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely yours,
    Krista Reesor

  • Posted on Apr 9 2013 By A Happy Customer


    I just want to thank Dr. Michael L. Kreidstein and all of his staff for the wonderful service they provided for my rhinoplasty procedure early this year. I am very happy with the result of it and feel more confident about my look now. The procedure lasted just 40 min and was not painful at all; the recovery was very short, and the more important thing is that the final result is very beautiful and naturally looking. I will recommend Dr. Michael L. Kreidstein in a heart beat for any of your cosmetic procedures; he is indeed the Best Choice in the field of plastic surgery.

    A Very Happy Customer

  • Posted on Apr 5 2013 By Quora

    What is the cost of cosmetic Surgery in general?…

    It varies with different Cosmetic Surgeons as well as the location where you want to take it. It is also dependent on the complexity of the procedure, patient characteristic as well as the consultation fees. Facility is also a factor. Besides Cosmetic …

  • Posted on Mar 14 2013 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Hi Megan,
    A typical fee for this procedure is $4500 in our practice. We look forward to meeting with you!

  • Posted on Mar 14 2013 By Megan Angeltvedt

    Hi there,

    I would like to know more about your rhinoplasty and approximate cost on my nose ( I know that’s hard to do without a consultation). I want my nose narrowed.. it is to wide and a slight bump on the top. Any ideas? Very interested in getting this done within the next two months!


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