18 Nov 2012

Breast Augmentation: “Too Big vs. Too Small??? (part 6 of 7)

Beautiful results from breast implant surgery results from excellent surgical technique, but it also relies on informed decisions by our patients. One decision you must make is the choice of implant size. Size is an easy concept, and many patients feel comfortable making decisions on size. Patients often reflect at great length on size, sometimes calling the day before surgery to change implant size

Much of the deliberation is unproductive, as the difference between a 300 and 360 cc implant is only a 20% increase in implant size, and probably a 10% increase in overall breast size. Your surgeon should recommend a size at consultation that factors in your chest size, breast shape, skin laxity, and your personal taste, and if you are keen on an implant smaller or larger than the recommended size then your surgeon should explain the consequences of that decision. Larger implants are often recommended when there is loose skin to be filled. Complications are known to increase when larger sizes are used. What is large? It depends on the patient- a 300 cc implant will be huge on someone 5’ tall, and small on someone 5’10???. Implants that are very small (<200 cc) are sometimes requested by women seeking a subtle augmentation, afraid of suddenly appearing ‘chesty’. In this situation, we recommend use of a padded bra before surgery to ‘desensitize’ co-workers etc. to your breast size, so that your new look after a few days off work doesn’t prompt anyone to guess why you missed work yesterday!

We have implants in all sizes for demonstration, so that there is no guessing about what size is to be used. Several software programs have been created to attempt to predict your new look from inputs of your photo, height, weight etc., but we have tested several and found them wildly inaccurate, as there is no allowance for chest shape, skin tension etc.

Yes, many patients at our Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery practice leave the decision of size to us, but your participation in the surgical plan may help you obtain a result that is perfect for you.

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Michael Kreidstein, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)

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