18 May 2015

Are You Too Young For a Facelift?


Many of our patients are very comfortable with fillers, botox and peels to maintain their appearance, but the mood changes when facelift surgery enters the discussion. Properly planned and executed, this procedure is without peer for face and neck rejuvenation, but the ‘facelift’ carries a stigma that is unique.Perhaps a facelift is an acknowledgement of aging, perhaps it seems too ‘desperate’, or perhaps the imagined cost is prohibitive? As a consequence, some pursue alternative treatments which deliver diminishing returns over time, and once they finally decide to have a facelift, their facial ageing is quite advanced and so the results are overly conspicuous.The very people who were trying to avoid the sudden improvements of a facelift are left with no alternative.You can become too old for a facelift.


You can also be too young for a facelift.Some seek surgery in their 30s, keen on maintaining their looks and avoiding a noticeable change in their appearance. Unfortunately,the “preventative facelift??? is a flawed concept, as any effort to tighten tissues beyond normal is quickly lost.Stress relaxation allows the tissues to stretch and reestablish normal tone within weeks of surgery,with no long-term gain to be had.


When is the best time for a facelift? A thorough consultation, perhaps even years before you would consider the surgery, is the best way to establish your goals and the treatment options for maintaining a youthful appearance.


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Michael Kreidstein, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)

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    We do offer financing via Credit Medical and Medicard

  • Posted on Jan 31 2018 By Colleen Fowler

    I’d like to know if a payment plan is available , I’m checking into getting breast implants for my self esteem and confidence , others do allow this just wondering if you also do , you could email me for a consultation , I’m 53,would like to get them this summer as I only have a few good yrs to look good in shorts and now I wanna fill out a sexy top !!! Thank you

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