27 May 2012

Large Male Breasts- Gynecomastia

The Mansierre, The Bro, Moobs- funny on television, but no man with large breasts finds the reality of this problem funny. As ‘deformities’ go, this is particularly difficult for men as it can be an afront to their image of masculinity.

Gynecomastia is common among adolescents as hormonal activity and tissue responses play havoc, but generally the breast over-development subsides over a few years. For those troubled by permanent breast enlargement, surgery is the answer.

Surgical planning for each patient requires consideration of three tissues: skin fat and gland. Skin is a problem only if there has been massive weight gain/loss, and the resultant loose skin must be excised with a conspicuous scar resulting. Patients who are very slim (e.g. weight-lifters who used steroids) typically only have excess gland, and excision of gland is performed through a 1-2 cm incision in the edge of the areola. Most patients we see have excess fat as well as gland, and these patients benefit from liposuction before the gland is excised.

If you know someone with gynecomastia, let them know that treatment is available!

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  • Posted on May 27 2012 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Billy,
    Fees range from ‘free’ (gland only excision covered by OHIP in select cases) to $4000 for full liposuction. Extra fee applies if skin excision is necessary (major weight loss with ++ loose skin)

  • Posted on May 27 2012 By Billy

    What is the cost for the surgery and does it include fat removal in the axillary region?

  • Posted on May 27 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Most teens who develop gynecomastia will be rid of the problem within two years. Your GP or pediatrician can refer your son to see us if there is reason to believe that surgery is a good option.

  • Posted on May 27 2012 By Nidia Varela

    I want to know is my son 15 years old can get a gynecomastia and how can I do the book

  • Posted on May 27 2012 By Dr. Kreidstein

    Removal of gland is always the challenge. Some surgeons like to make the incision on the side of the chest to avoid a breast scar, others (like us) prefer the incision at the edge of the areola to achieve a scar that (in many patients) is invisible. Having direct access to the underling gland also allows for consistent removal of gland, and the ability to use sutures to close the space created by the gland excision and avoid bleeds or the need for drains.

  • Posted on May 27 2012 By david

    Great Post.
    Gynecomastia in India is also done using minimal Invasive Technique. First 4mm insertion is made in body, and using suction tubes they will pull out the fat cells out. So first part of Gynecomastia is a small liposuction. Then the gland tissue is removed.

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