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Skin Resurfacing in Toronto

Skin discolouration and wrinkles from sun damage is a common complaint. For those patients who can comply with daily cream application and do not develop problematic redness or flaking, the most effective products are Vitamin A creams. We do not sell skin care products, as the most effective products (Vitamin A creams) are only available by prescription in the pharmacy. Many patients have difficulty maintaining a strict daily skin care regimen, and opt instead for our medium-depth chemical peels. Medium-depth chemical peels (trichloracetic acid) remove the epidermis (vs. discolorations) and stimulate the dermis (vs. wrinkles) of the skin to tighten and form new collagen. Although you will require a week or two for cosmetic recovery following a medium depth peel, there is no ‘non-invasive’ laser technique that can match it for effectiveness. We also perform dermabrasion, the gold standard for treating particularly deep wrinkles as seen around the mouths of smokers.

Skin Resurfacing Steps

Skin Resurfacing 1

Caption A

A chemical peel involves the application of a caustic solution to the entire face or just certain regions. The patient is shown with the peel solution applied to the cheeks and lower face.

Skin Resurfacing 2

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Dermabrasion uses a small, rapidly spinning wheel with a roughened surface similar to fine-grained sandpaper to abrade the skin, removing its upper layers.

Skin Resurfacing 3

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The laser removes skin layers by vaporization. The surgeon is able to specify the amount of energy transmitted to the skin’s surface by the laser beam and control the depth of penetration.

Skin Resurfacing 4

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Injectable fillers are an option to help diminish the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

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