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Otoplasty (Ear) Surgery in Toronto

Otoplasty describes any procedure to reshape the ear. Setback otoplasty is a popular and successful surgery to reposition the ears closer to the head.

Otoplasty Surgery Procedures 1

Caption A

Otoplasty patient shown before surgery with protruding ears.

Otoplasty Surgery Procedures 2

Caption B

Surgery seen from the back of the ear. (a) Incisions are made and a small portion of skin, sometimes with underlying fat, is removed. (b) The cartilage is recontoured to bring the ear into its correct position and supported with sutures. (c) Sutures close the incisions, usually leaving a faint scar.

Otoplasty Surgery Procedures 3

Caption C

Surgery seen from the front of the ear. Reshaped cartilage restores the ear fold, making the ear lie flatter against the head.

Otoplasty Surgery Procedures 4

Caption D

The postoperative patient with ears that are normal in appearance.

Repair of torn earlobes is a very common and simple procedure. A little known secret is that long earlobes are a common sign of aging, and correction of this deformity can provide a subtle but significant rejuvenation effect. We treat earlobe keloids, boxer’s ear, and other congenital and acquired ear deformities.

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