4 Mar 2013

Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

Fees charged by different practices will vary widely, and not always for reasons of quality.  Even within a practice, the fee for a specific procedure will vary between patients.  Complexity and scale of procedures can vary widely between patients, and patient characteristics (e.g. health problems requiring hospital surgery) may influence the costs.  Also, the quote you receive at a consultation may be influenced by the availability of operating room time or how keen a practice is to develop their experience in a particular procedure.

Despite the above, the majority of patients who attend our practice receive quotes for cosmetic surgery (includes facility, anesthetist and surgeon fees) as follows:

Breast Augmentation: Saline Implant $6000, silicone gel implant $7000, anatomic gel implant $8000

Tummy Tuck: lower $3500, full $8000

Facelift: $8500

Rhinoplasty: $4000 to $7000

Eyelids: $2500 (4 lids $4500)

Liposuction: $1500 to $3000 per paired area

Brow lift: $3500

Labiaplasty: $3000 to $4000

Fat grafting: $1500 to $2500

Before you abandon the idea of investing in your self-improvement and instead blow your funds on a trip, consider carefully the cost of not having cosmetic surgery.

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  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By HocekyFan93

    I had cancer surgery in 2002 and as a result I ended up with a hernia on my stomach. In 2004, I had another cancer surgery and the hernia was fixed but an excess amount of skin was a result. In 2007 after another surgery this skin was supposed to be removed but wasn’t. I was told by a doctor that it was fat. I lost 40 lbs and I am not overweight but there is still a skin protruding just above my waist and I can’t wear any clothing that clings since its noticeable. Prior to the hernia, I had a flat abdomen. Would OHIP pay to have this fixed?

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Unfortunately, surgery to improve cosmesis below the collarbone is not generally covered by OHIP. That said, we can make an application, and perhaps the cost of surgery will be acceptable to you even without OHIP coverage.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Lisa

    Hi Doctor Kreidstein. I have had a c-section and then gained a significant amount of weight and have lost the weight. I have a significant amount of hanging skin above the belly button, below the belly button and on the mons. My doctor believes I would qualify for an OHIP covered panniculectomy. Is that something that could be combined with a tummy tuck and pay the difference?

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Lisa,
    That is a common scenario. Please obtain a letter of referral from your MD to document significant symptoms arising from the panniculus, and come In for a consultation.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We would like you to be at a stable weight before you undertake surgery. Wide fluctuations in weight make it difficult to give a cosmetic result that is durable, and you may be malnourished and vulnerable to healing problems.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Kris

    Hello Doctor,
    I am a 28 years old mother of 3 ..i have always has uneven breast ever since I had my first baby but the difference between my breast is was not as bad as they are today.. there is about 2 1/2 cup size difference (left side is 34-36 c and right side is 34 a ) and I was wondering if you would know if getting a surgical procedure done to even out my breast was covered by OHIP. I really cannot stand looking at myself in front of the mirror without a shirt on. Thank you so much and hope to hear back from you.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated right about now.

    Thank You

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    We have had success in applications to OHIP where there is a large difference in size. Please ask your MD for a referral.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Margo

    What is the approximate cost of brachioplasty at your clinic?

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Brachioplasty fees range from $4000 to $8000 depending on the need for liposuction and the amount of surgery that is necessary.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    If you had surgery now and then became pregnant, your results could be compromised. It would be better to wait if a pregnancy is in your immediate plans.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By cassi

    Hi dr I have a lipoma on the back of my neck and wanted to know if ohip covers the removal cost or if not how much is it?

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    The issue of OHIP coverage is complex, but assuming there was no concern for disease and significant symptoms weren’t an issue, then a non-OHIP excision should be available for under $500.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Jen

    Hello Dr. Kreidstein,
    I’m currently looking into a breast augmentation after nursing two children. I also need a small hernia repair which I was going to do at shouldice. My question is, is it possible to have these two procedures done together to help with the costs? I believe the hernia repair is covered under Ohip. I’m a 32 yr old women. 124lbs. Thank you.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    There are a number of options for combining these procedures, all of which are likely to save you time, money, multiple recovery periods, etc. Please call us to arrange a consultation.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Lonely

    I am 52 year old Aboriginal descendant who has had four C-sections, gall bladder removal. I have lost more than weight in the last year. My tummy hangs very loose. My tummy extends out that I look I’m expecting with very slender/skinny lower limbs. My question is- would NIHB/OHIP cover the removal of loose ugly hanging flabby skin?

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    OHIP coverage is limited to surgery for the skin hanging over your pubis. Many patients will pursue a more extensive abdominoplasty to augment the OHIP panniculectomy.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Lorrie Rushton

    I had 3 c-sections…last one 24 yrs ago…I have a vertical scar..from belly button down.. The scar is still tender at times when it rubs against jeans. Along the side of the scar the fat tissue appears to bulge making it look like a hotdog bun..is there any way to repair this.. I would so like to wear a bathing suit again.. Please let me know possibilities as well as cost.. Thanks for your time.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Dr. Michael Kreidstein

    Hi Lorrie
    The worse the tummy, the greater the benefit from tummy tuck surgery. You sound like a great candidate. Cost is going to be around $8000.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Holly

    Where are you located?

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By kreidstein-user

    At the corner of Bayview Avenue and York Mills Road in north Toronto.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Megan Stang


    I am a fit 29-year old female looking to remove the banana roll underneath her gluteal folds. On average, how much does this cost? Also, how long does it typically last? (I work out usually 4-5 days/week).

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By kreidstein-user

    Banana roll can arise from both extra fat as well as the compression caused by butt hanging over thigh. Liposuction can help but is complex and should only done by a surgeon very familiar with this area. The effect is permanent and costs of $2000 for tumescent technique would be typical.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By johnny juras

    hi, im a 53 yr old man in great shape for my age, 14 yrs ago i had a sever siaticia nerve attack that left me with no calf muscle in my right leg and a bit off drop foot. there is a great deal of muscle difference between both legs. i will not wear short cause of this. would ohip cover this. please get back to me. thanks, johnny

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By kreidstein-user

    It is very unusual for OHIP to provide coverage for cosmetic issues below the neck, but if you are referred for consultation by your MD your consultation with us is covered by OHIP.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Julie

    Hi can I do liposuction and Tummy tuck together, and how much will both cost me? Is the consultation feel? Please Iet me know. Thanks

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By kreidstein-user

    Hi Julie,
    That is a very common combination. A fee of $5000 to $15000 should be anticipated, and consultation fee of $200 is deducted from cost of surgery. We look forward to helping you!

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Corena Zoccole

    Where are you located? Is there financing available? I need a tummy tuck and/ a nose job ….I had a surgery done on my nose for medical reasons and ever since my nose has been flat look so ugly and a side view my face looks flat

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By kreidstein-user

    We are located in North Toronto (Bayview and York Mills). Many of our patients obtain financing. Combining abdominal and nose surgery is not a problem. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Estella Brand

    in 2005 I went on the South beach diet and lost 100 pounds. now I am doing the Ideal Protien Diet and have dropped 40 pounds. I am attempting to reach my goal of 100 pounds. I suffer from loose skin that hangs down in front of me. It often becomes irritated and rashed and bleeds.
    I certainly would love to have and panniculectomy I would like to have the over hanging skin removed to get a better quality of life. My doctor says I qualify for OHIP surgery. She is currently seeking a doctor who would do it if OHIP pays for it.
    Would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for this website.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By kreidstein-user

    OHIP panniculectomy is one of the tools we use to keep your costs as low as possible. Please arrange for a referral from your MD.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Ginna

    Hello, I am a 22 yr old female and I have a large bump at the baseof my neck known as a dowager’s hump. It has always made me very self conscious and I wanted to know if there is anything that can be done to have it completely fixed? Thanks.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By admin

    Dowager’s hump is generally seen in older women with osteoporosis. You may have (equally unpleasantly named) ‘buffalo hump’ which is from excess fat. We would be happy to assist with this problem through liposuction.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Sheri Cuccio

    Hello I have 4 beautiful children my last being delivered via c section and over the last few years I have noticed my tummy has began to hang! This my be so very self-conscious I find myself binding from my husband when I’m getting dressed! It makes me feel so sad everyday I just want to look beautiful ! I have always want a nice flat tummy even when I was thinner I never had that beautiful tummy! The hang belly feels so werid because you sit you feel it touch your leg and it gets sweaty also! Just wondering is there anyway to have the cost cover?? It sure would be a dream come true! Thank you so much for your time Sheri

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By admin

    Hi Sheri,
    It would be worthwhile for you to ask your MD to refer you for a consultation with us. There would be no charge to you, and it would allow you to learn about your options and whether you are a candidate for OHIP coverage.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Beverly

    Hello I wanted to know how much it will be to remove skin and reposition my belly button without touching the muscle.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By admin

    Hi Beverly,
    A fee of $8000 is a good approximation, but a consultation is necessary to even confirm you are a candidate. Hope to see you!

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Phyllis Guthrie


    I am interested in having cohesive gel implant removal surgery performed and the excess skin removed (lift).
    The reasons are numerous, but most importantly there is a Family history of breast cancer, and my implants may cause problems during mammography by interfering with diagnostic and screening imaging examinations of the breast by compressing and distorting breast tissue, by making compression of the breast in a mammographic examination difficult and obligating special views, and by interposing (particularly with gel-filled implants) a radiopaque mass in the middle of the breast that obscures some breast tissue.

    Could you please let me know if this procedure is covered by OHIP.

    Thank you,


  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By admin

    Hi Phyllis,
    You might want to confirm with an oncologic breast surgeon whether your implants are going to make diagnosis of a breast cancer more difficult- this is not generally the case. That said, removal of implants would be covered by OHIP, with a fee to perform the breast lift.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By Julie

    Are there any instances where breast augmentation is covered by ohip? I have severe depression from my past abuse and I can’t stand looking at my body anymore. I don’t think it is but I am just curious. I can’t possibly afford the surgery on my own or else I would get it done in a heartbeat.

  • Posted on Mar 4 2013 By admin

    We are able to get OHIP coverage for a one-side augmentation when there is a two-cup size difference between breasts.
    It is not likely that breast augmentation will allow you to overcome your distress. You should instead arrange a careful review of your mental health (including symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder) by your GP or a mental health professional. You may have tried this in the past, but sometimes a new therapist or even a different time in your life can allow for a more successful result. Good luck!

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